How to add a "+" sign before a positive number in an Excel table

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By default, the minus sign "-" appears before a negative number in an Excel worksheet, and a positive number does not show a plus +. What if we not only need to display the minus sign before the negative numbers in the Excel table, but also the positive signs before the positives?

1. Start Excel2007, open the workbook file you want, and then, on the worksheet you want, select the range of cells that you want to show the plus sign.

2. Click the Start tab, and then in the number group, click the dialog Box Launcher (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Dialog Box Launcher

3. Click the Number tab, and then in the Category box, click Custom, and in the box under Type, type +0;-0;0;@ (Figure 2). Note that you are typing half-width characters, preferably in the English state. Finally, click the OK button.

Figure 2 Custom Styles

You will now automatically add a plus sign "+" before the positive numbers that are already in the area, and then you will automatically add "+" before the positive number when you enter a positive number.

Excel allows users to define positive, negative, 0 values, and text display formats at the same time, separated by a half-width semicolon ";" Interval. For example, in "+0;-0;0;" In this custom format, the "+0" before the 1th semicolon is the display format that defines a positive number. The "0" before the 2nd semicolon is the display format for defining negative numbers; the "0" before the 3rd semicolon is the display format that defines 0 values; the "@" after the 3rd semicolon is the display format for defining the text, which is the normal display of the text. If a location between three semicolons does not type any characters, the type of data is hidden, such as the format "0;-0;; @ "Hides the 0 value in the cell.

Knowing these, you can use this ";" To accomplish a special task, such as hiding all the data (including text) from the entire worksheet, define all the cells in the entire worksheet as ";;;" Format can be.

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