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Describes how to add a counter in PHP. When we set up a website, some webmasters will need to add counters on their home pages. today we will introduce the following code to counter. inc :? * | When we build a website, some webmasters may need to add counters on their home pages. today we will talk about it in detail.Counter. inc contains the following code:

  1. /*
  2. | A simple counter
  3. */
  4. Function get_hitcount ($ counter_file)
  5. {
  6. /* Returns the counter to zero.
  7. In this case, if the counter is not used, the initial value is 1.
  8. Of course, you can set the initial value to 20000 to cheat me.
  9. */
  10. $Count=0;
  11. // If the stored counter file already exists, read the content
  12. If (file_exists ($ counter_file ))
  13. {
  14. $Fp=Fopen($ Counter_file, "r ");
  15. // We only took the first 20 digits. I hope your site will not be too popular.
  16. $Count=0+ Fgets ($ fp, 20 );
  17. // Because the function fgets () returns a string, we can automatically convert it to an integer by adding 0.
  18. Fclose ($ fp );
  19. // File operation completed
  20. }
  21. // Increase the count value once
  22. $ Count ++;
  23. // Write the new count value to the file
  24. $Fp=Fopen($ Counter_file, "w ");
  25. Fputs ($ fp, $ count );
  26. Fclose ($ fp );
  27. # Return count value
  28. Return ($ count );
  29. }
  30. ?>

After adding a counter in PHP, we need to change the front. php3 file to display this counter:

  1. Include("Include/counter. inc ");
  2. // I put the counter value in the counter.txt file, read and output
  3. Printf ("<CENTER><B>% 06d B> CENTER> <BR>N ",
  4. Get_hitcount ("counter.txt "));
  5. Include ("include/footer. inc ");
  6. ?>

All the above code is the PHP counter adding implementation method, hope to have some help to friends in need.

Counter. inc contains the following code :? /* | A simple...

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