How to add a password to a folder on your computer

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In the computer, we may have some more private folders do not want to let others see, but others can casually open the computer, in this case, how to avoid the private folder is not opened by others? From the current point of view, in addition to the folder to hide, the best way is to encrypt the folder, but, How do I encrypt a folder? Let's take a look at two simple folder encryption methods!

Method 1: Compressed folder encryption

Everyone as long as the computer installed WinRAR compression software, you can encrypt folder compression, the specific encryption steps are as follows:

1, select the folder you want to encrypt, right-click, select "Add to Compressed File", will pop up a compressed file name and parameters of the window, click "Set Password" in the window.

2, enter the password after the choice to determine, pay attention to the password not too long, lest they forget the password.

3, compressed folder to delete the original folder, others can only see this compressed folder, unless he knows the password, otherwise people can not see your folder content, and users want to see the folder words need to enter the password decompression to see.

Method 2: Security folder encryption software encryption

Security folder encryption software is a powerful, safe, efficient and easy-to-use data encryption and protection software, provides file encryption, file shredding and file cloaking and other functions, encryption in what environment through other software can not decrypt, effectively prevent others to browse, copy, copy and delete, is a very favorite encryption tool.

Security folder Encryption software operation steps:

1, open the computer installed Security folder encryption software, you can see the following main interface:

2, select the software to the left of the "Encrypted folder" button, in the open window to browse and select the folder you want to encrypt, and then click "OK."

3, click OK will automatically eject an encrypted dialog box, enter the password after the choice of "Lightning Encryption", you can choose other encryption type, and then click "OK."

4, click OK in the software interface will also appear encrypted folder information, this time we want to open the folder or decryption can only enter the correct password, so everyone should remember to encrypt encryption password.

The above is how to encrypt the folder of the two methods, very simple bar, we hurry to try it!

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