How to add watermark to Taobao pictures batch? Magic Batch Plus watermark method diagram

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The little woman opened a new shop at the end of December, in the experience to talk about the benefits of a very deep, especially remember to see a post mentioned: in Taobao open shop to sell things, first of all to the figure sell (not the exact words, but that is the meaning of it), I think it really makes sense oh! After all, buyers choose the baby on the internet is the first look at the picture, Then look at the title, be attracted to the last to see your description, in the description of the details of the baby again after the picture moved, the last to facilitate the transaction! This shows baby pictures, especially the description of the details of the baby detail map is how important AH!!

As Taobao sellers, whether you are from the wholesale market, or do network sales, will face a lot of photos and image processing work, which is a feature of the network marketing model, can not be avoided, because we all want to make their own baby look more beautiful, more attractive, more distinctive!!! In the current commodity homogeneity of the reality, to their own shop inside the picture plus a store marked watermark is very important! Plus the image of the watermark can not only play a role in emphasizing the attribution of goods, but also can play a role in preventing the theft of photos, this is the real picture of the seller is very important!

I put the watermark into a full map watermark and local watermark two kinds, like we Taobao forum system watermark is a typical local watermark:

The following is the full watermark of the picture:

In telling everyone how to instantly add a watermark to millions of pictures, we first look at the production process of watermark image, I put the local watermark and the entire map of the production of watermark to give you a simple introduction:

Local watermark: General use of the name of your shop, directly typing on the good, white, font choice of a little bit more beautiful, here I choose the font is "Han Xiuying simplified", the following figure;

You can also add a glow to the word to make it look more dazzling, as shown in the picture:

To test, these two watermarks add to your baby picture when the effect is this:

Isn't it good? When you save the picture, you need to choose the PNG format and BMP format, PNG format can be stored as a background transparent picture, just for watermarks, BMP format of the picture clarity is better, behind to pick the background better, the following is said Oh, please continue to look down.

Full map watermark: Generally use the name of the store is good, do not have too fancy effect, because the whole picture will be full of watermarks, watermark too spend will completely cover your baby Oh. Make a full image watermark similar to the following:

The production process is very simple: to choose a good font, play the word after copying and copying, and then select All, Ctrl+t, transform form, the final rotation of about 45 degrees on the line, recommended white words, not so conspicuous.

Save pictures and the same time as above, stored in BMP format and PNG format each one, to note that the BMP format images need to set the watermark background color and the watermark itself a larger color contrast, easy to be removed behind. The whole picture watermark is added to your baby's back:

Now, our watermark picture is ready! Let's take a look at the instant batch add to tens of thousands of pictures of the method:

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