How to adjust the brightness of ASUS laptop screen

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How to adjust the brightness of ASUS laptop screen

ASUS notebook to adjust the brightness of the hot key is fn+f1: Reduce screen brightness, fn+f2: Increase the brightness of the screen, if this key regardless of the use is very likely to be hot-key driver or video-driven problem, it is recommended to reinstall the driver.

You can also choose to adjust the screen brightness by clicking the battery symbol in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.

ASUS Notebook Introduction:

ASUS (ASUS), founded in 1989, a technology-focused company, has grown to become a global enterprise, with the world's top research and development team, with high-quality products, innovative technology and moving services known. ASUS Computer is the world's leading 3C solutions provider, dedicated to providing individuals and business users with the most innovative products and application solutions.

ASUS Notebook is one of the world's leading 3C solution providers and is committed to providing the most innovative products and applications for individuals and business users. With the support of the world's leading engineering and technology research and development team, ASUS product line covers all 3C products including notebook computer, motherboard, video card, server, optical storage, cable/wireless network communication products, LCD, PDA portable computer, mobile phone and so on. In more than 20 countries and regions in the global branch, and more than 100,000 employees, together to create an annual turnover of more than 16.5 billion U.S. dollars in the information industry giants. The creation of more than 10 years, Asus Bosom become "Chinese pride" of the ambition, from the island Taiwan Province across the sea, the motherboard, graphics card, ADSL modem, CABLE modem, wireless network products to the world's first throne, game Foundry Manufacturing ranked second, notebook computers, Optical storage products are also closely followed by the fourth. According to statistics, ASUS has so far accumulated motherboard sales, equivalent to every three PCs in the world, there is a single installed ASUS motherboard. This is equivalent to every heartbeat once, there is a proud ASUS motherboard sold.

Through the unique ingenuity of the Asus designers team, electronic products with Chinese ancestry have also appeared in the world's top design competitions and have been won in the Japanese G-mark award, the German if award and the German Red Dot award. 2005, ASUS W1N notebook computer won the industrial design industry Oscar-Germany if Gold Award, set the award for the first time in more than 50 years, the Chinese brand won the record. In 2006, the world's first leather version of the Notebook S6, in 2007 debut of the world's first dual-screen notebook W5fe body, this originated from the Oriental ancient human ingenuity, once again won the admiration of the world.

Asus Laptop offers two years of international warranty (battery year), when the user provides the warranty card and invoices or related valid purchase vouchers, will be the warranty card and invoice registration date of purchase start calculation; If the user can not provide invoices or related valid purchase vouchers, the product warranty period will be the date of the notebook serial number corresponding to the factory dates. In the warranty, ASUS notebook computer must show the warranty card and invoice and other purchase certificate. In addition, ASUS Battery for six months of free warranty, after the purchase one months after the registration of users, the battery's free warranty period extended to 12 months.

ASUS (ASUS) Safety management experts uphold the concept of safe and easy-to-use design. The system security and work efficiency can be improved by integrating user's password and network account into a single data set of user authentication. Security and privacy by ASUS (ASUS) security management expert.

Strictly controlled, all private data is open only to everyone, thereby ensuring platform consistency, robustness, and manageability.

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