How to adjust the industrial and cold uneven optimization strategy

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is website optimization A common technology? People who have some experience in optimization know that it can not be set in general in every industry, not the same industry site optimization needs to adopt a different strategy. The difference between the industries mentioned here is mainly about the heat on the Internet. Many industries are starting to dabble in the Internet, but not every industry has the same pace. Some have developed quite mature, but some have only taken the first step. So for the unpopular industry and the hot industry, its optimization strategy how to adjust it?

first of all, the hot industry should be inclined to ueo, that is, user experience optimization.

The competitive degree of the hot industry has already saturated, its competition degree even needs Baidu to carry on the artificial rank interference. The most popular industries provide information to search engines in a state of oversupply. For example: the electronic product industry is a typical hot industry, provide electronic product information is too much of the site, search engines from these sites gathered information is massive, to deal with the information on its workload is very large, but must make a ranking for them, otherwise it is to go to the meaning of the search engine.

So, what is the basic step for the search engine to process this information? So many sites for the campaign, search engines will pick out the user's favorite site, that is, the user experience to do the best site. First, it removes sites that have obvious cheating, such as keyword stuffing, spam, and so on, because that's the last thing users want to see. Then it will remove those overly optimized site, that is, the user experience slightly worse, the main SEO site. Finally, it will be from some user experience to do a good site for further screening, according to user behavior to select the user's favorite site, if necessary, will carry out manual audit sort.

Therefore, the hot industry for the user experience requirements are very high, search engines for such websites audit very strict. If you want to get ranked by traditional SEO methods, that's just wishful thinking.

  And for the unpopular industry, it should be from the SEO to ueo slowly transition.

The biggest advantage of the unpopular industry is that the competition is very small, because few people do. The unpopular industry to provide information to search engines is a phenomenon of demand, and some even can not be found from the search engine. So this kind of industry is easy to get good rankings.

For the unpopular industry optimization strategy, proposed from the traditional SEO means to start. Unpopular industry information in the search engine database is very scarce, so as long as the relevant content, search engines will crawl it over to rank, because the amount of less, basically can row to the front. Therefore, this kind of industry does not need to do too much user experience optimization, but the more targeted search engine optimization, the more can row to the front. For example, in a reasonable range, keyword density, or a lot of outside the chain, only need these simple reference search engine can give you a good ranking.

Therefore, do the unpopular industry optimization webmaster should also be smart, do not spend too much time on the advanced user experience, which will greatly delay you to achieve the results of the rankings, not worth the candle. When the competition in this industry gradually increased, the webmaster should be as the heat rise as appropriate user experience optimization, abandon too much search optimization.

To sum up, the optimization strategy should be adjusted according to the heat of the industry, as appropriate. SEO and Ueo are optimized two endpoints, the industry is colder, the optimization strategy is more inclined to SEO, the contrary tends to ueo. With the rise of the industry heat to gradually from the original SEO means to improve the direction of the user experience. In essence, do SEO just avoid the competition, the ultimate goal is always ueo, hope to the webmaster do not forget this most fundamental purpose.

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