How to apply for micro-letter Service Number Application method detailed

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To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis of the application of micro-service number to share the method.
Method Sharing:
Step 1, first to enter the micro-letter public platform of the official website, this can be Baidu, you can find the official website. Then after entering the official website, find "Register Now" and click Enter directly. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 2, in the immediate registration inside, with the common mailbox to register, enterprises, the best use of the company's mailbox to register, so that the use of security. After all the data input is complete, click Register directly. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 3, next to the mailbox activation, in this case, it is necessary to enter our mailbox, to find the activation of mail, directly click the activation link. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 4, after the link is activated, you can register the information. At this time to choose according to the nature: operating body, type. These two items must be determined. Here the organization, the enterprise as an example to choose. The most important thing here is the handset authentication, this is guarantees the account security. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 5, follow the steps to fill out all the information, click "Continue", go to the next step, select the type of account number diagram. There are two items in the account type, the service number, the subscription number. We choose the service number here. Click "Continue" when you are finished, as shown in the following illustration:

Step 6, after clicking "Continue", will again pop-up a dialogue, prompted us, account type only once choice of opportunity, can not be changed after the selection. Click "OK" directly. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 7, click "OK", directly to the "Public Information" tab inside, here to enter account name, function introduction, area and other information to fill in carefully. The account name also has only one chance, which cannot be changed after being determined. After all completed, click "Finish" directly. As shown in the following illustration:

Step 8, waiting for the audit, the general audit needs about 7 days, micro-letter service number after the application can be successfully logged into this service account, home and subscription number of home page no difference, on a logo, service number, subscription number. As shown in the following illustration:

Okay, the above information is small to give you the micro-letter of this software users to bring the details of the application of the micro-service number of applications to analyze the full content of the share, you see the users here Small series believe that everyone now that is very clear the application of the method, Then you should go to the small part of the above to share the way to try to apply for the micro-letter service number.

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