How to apply to join the Google Adsense advertising alliance

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Application address: Later

Website Information

Website: enter your main website
Website language: Select Simplified Chinese

Contact information

Account type: individual or enterprise
Country/region: select China
! Important: After you submit an application, you cannot change the name or country of your recipient. Make sure that the entered information is correct.
Recipient Name (full name): check will be paid to this person
Address: This line cannot fill in too much information
Address (continuation ):
State, province, or region:
Zip code:
Country/region: to change your country/region, change your selection at the top of this table
Telephone (including area code ):
Fax (optional ):
Email preferences: Check the webpage silently

Product selection

Product: moran tick

Plan Policy

Adsense applicants must agree to abide by the AdSense plan policy, all checked

Logon Information

Email Address: Make sure it is correct! Used to receive emails. It is your login account
Enter the password again:

Finally,Submit information!

2. Wait for a letter from the Google Adsense team
Wait about two days. If your application information is approved, the Google Adsense team will send an email to the email address you entered in advance, notify you that your Google Adsense application has been approved. The mail also tells you some basic operation steps: Step 1: Enable the account, Step 2: Add AdSenseCodePaste it to your webpage. Step 2: view the result. There are also some important notes ".

3. log on to settings, get the Google promotion code, and start serving
Google Adsense includes AdSense content ads, AdSense searches, and recommendations. Adsense content ads are advertisements that display unique content for your website. AdSense search is a Google search with personalized colors to provide web searches for your users, at the same time, revenue is obtained through advertisements related to search words. recommendation is to recommend useful products and services to users for revenue.
Go to the "AdSense Settings" section and select the product you want to add to the website. Adsense content ads can be set to "ad color" and other details, and finally generate a piece of code, then you can paste it on your web page. Adsense searches and recommendations, and you can get a piece of code after setting. Webmaster network, latest

4. Other questions
A:Does Google agree to put code on multiple websites?
Q:Although you entered a website address when applying, Google gave you a piece of code containing your ID number, which can be placed on multiple websites.
A:How can we avoid goolge's public service advertisements?
Q:Public interest advertisements are inevitable. Google allows you to switch to your own public interest advertisements when displaying them.
In addition, after uploading a webpage with a Google promotion representative, advertisements cannot be displayed immediately, and some may take some time. Some do not show any public welfare advertisements!

Google Adsense payment
Google will send you a check when your advertising fee is over $100. Take the check and ID card, and pay for the money (100 yuan is enough), and go to the Bank of China and other banks. The bank staff will tell you the specific operation.

Google Adsense requirements
Honest, this may be the biggest requirement for the vast majority of personal sites in China. Become a Google Adsense user, and never prepare any cheating behavior! You cannot click your own ads, even if you want to test them. A single click of an IP address within 24 hours is invalid. clicking through the proxy server violates the rules. Do not try to cheat by using software or other methods. For Google Adsense, your behavior will look silly and ridiculous.

Google Adsense penalty
The biggest punishment is to stop your account. Once Google Adsense suspends your account, you will never expect to get back your account and existing income, even if you have received the check, the payment will be rejected during the payment process. The corresponding adwards service will also be stopped, and your name, bank account, receiving address, and IP address will be rejected.

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