How to assess the performance of interactive designers and visual designers?

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At the end of the year, the major companies are performing performance appraisal, today, Huawei's @edc Yu Yuanqing students will be a few weeks of the designers performance interview summed up, summed up 8 excellent designers must have the key ability, the new Year's progress, to see you qualified a few bar.

The performance evaluation of designer mainly comes from several dimensions: Design output, project result, work attitude, professional skill, ability growth, design display, customer satisfaction, client satisfaction, business party satisfaction and so on. Therefore, the business party satisfaction is a designer's performance evaluation of an input.

For business side satisfaction This entry, I have done more detailed designer performance interviews in recent weeks, and dozens of of business colleagues who work directly with our team designers have been discussing it. The interviewed business colleagues include: SE, designers, development, project managers, product managers, technical experts, supervisors, front-line representatives, SA and so on. The content of the interview includes the evaluation of these dimensions: work attitude, professional skill, special value, advantage, progress point and so on.

Some of the discussions and conclusions are in line with what I expected, some of which I did not think of, written down here, recorded. :)

1. Working attitude

Work attitude is not competitive, because everyone is very serious. From the results of the interview, everyone's work attitude has been highly affirmed by the business side of colleagues. Good attitude, quick response, positive, Basic is the evaluation of every designer.

So work attitude has become a benchmark. If the work attitude is not good, then the start is gone.

 2. Professional skills

As a design professional, professional skills is a very important study. Each designer has basic expertise, such as requirements clarification, design output, design discussions, and so on. In the performance interview, the evaluation of this dimension begins to differ. Whether the business side understands the user experience design deep or shallow, they are able to articulate the impression that the designer's expertise gives them, the value they bring to the project, and give examples.

For interactive designers, the ability to draft is basically no problem, the difference is the design thinking ability, business understanding ability, complex logic processing ability. For visual designers, the basic visual manuscript design is not a problem, the difference is the innovative design ability, business understanding ability, fine visual performance ability. For front-end development engineers, design and development is no problem, the difference point is front-end development innovation, technology precipitation, new technology exploration.

We designers should be aware that in doing different kinds of work, the business side of the demand is not the same, so we should focus on the design should be different. For example, when the product design baseline, the big picture, innovation, optimization is the main point; to do the first line of customer support, efficiency, design and development implementation, communication is the main point.

No matter in any work situation, any design position, the professional skill is our designer's core competitiveness.

3. Initiative

This is a progressive point. Although everyone knows that initiative is very important, there are not many designers who can do it well. Less than half of the designers who got a good opinion on initiative in this interview.

Initiative is not only the initiative to ask questions, take the initiative to plan, initiative is, the designer to become the owner of the product. Although the user experience design in many domestic companies or a supporting nature of the work, but as the user experience more and more critical, we designers should also take initiative to practice slowly to a point, with the spirit of product owners, the product as their own products to design.

In this interview, the "product as their own product design" evaluation of the designer, only one.

In the work environment, or on the network, I often see many designer friends that designers are not valued, product design process design status is not obvious. While understanding and adapting to the existing environment, I suggest that you think carefully about whether your initiative is enough and that you are proactive in your design work.

 4. Project Management

When Tencent works, the design team has the project manager responsible for the design scheduling, so the design project management is more fluent. In Huawei, the design team is not specifically responsible for the design scheduling of project managers, so the responsibility for project management falls to the designer. This is a progressive point. A lot of improvements in this interview are focused on project management, how designers conduct their own schedules, how to control the design progress and rhythm of their projects, and how to work more efficiently with multiple drive design tasks, which require designers to think and excel in Project management skills.

In the design work, the work form has many kinds, for example, sometimes short-term rapid design sprint, sometimes a smooth and orderly design revision, designers should be in different design rhythm to find suitable for their own design characteristics of the work, and their own project management, design tasks for project management, the entire design process for project management.

 5. More comprehensive knowledge requirements

With the rapid development of the Internet, the company's business requirements for user experience design more and more, business side of the requirements of designers more and more. For example, to do product design at the same time, the business side requires the designer to do operational design, data analysis, etc., but the design team is not rich enough to have so many fine roles, so many work will fall to interactive designers, visual designers. This time, if the designer can provide to the business side more comprehensive technical support, to the product, to design, to the team is good.

  6, pressure-resistant

In the Internet company I am more worried about the team pressure problem, in Huawei silently don't worry too much. The evaluation of compressive capacity is a piece of praise. I admire the professionalism and job maturity of Huawei's colleagues.

 7, the professionalization of young people

In response to the progress of young people, business colleagues expressed enough understanding and tolerance, but there are some professional comments in the evaluation I have some records here. First of all, the team of young people do a good job, the overall performance of several are beyond the expectations of the business side. But professionalism is a long road, in the professional growth of the same time, the professionalization of the details to be done to create an overall design professional image.

Some possible professional details are not enough: Chinese typos, English spelling mistakes, discussed things without follow-up, task omission, mail without title, mail forgot to attach attachments, communication is not concise, speech is not clear enough, the implementation of the Force is not agile effective. These are invited young designers in the future work of attention, more and more professional, more and more excellent.

8. Freshness, enthusiasm, surprise

These three points are all points that need to be improved. Freshness means that the design to make the business side, customers, users feel fresh, the idea of a breakthrough, in this round of interviews, only one designer to get this evaluation. Enthusiasm is the design of the designer to have the impulse and passion, and can infect people around the work together, this round of interviews, only one designer to get this evaluation. Surprises mean, do a design, let the business side, customers, users surprise, let them dumbfounded, in this round of interviews, there are few designers to this evaluation.

A round of interviews came down very hard, but also harvested a lot of things. Most of the comments were in favour, and the small part was sincere. The part of approval is not much written, this article to the sincere comments part of the written out.

2014 is very grateful to be able to work with an excellent, mature, United design team, hope that 2015 we continue to create wonderful!:

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