How to authorize thousand buff account

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The system prompts as follows:

Thousand Buff account permission set Tutorial is based on the latest version, so please download the official latest version first

Thousand cows PC version sub account permissions set tutorial

Thousand Cow Workbench Mode:

Must be the main account login thousand cows, right toolbar Drop-down, find "sub-account permissions." Click on the icon to eject the "Sub account Settings" interface.

Thousand Newang mode:

Want wants mode, need the main account login, in the main interface below there is a common entrance, click on the pop-up interface has "sub-account permissions" set the entrance.

Important NOTE: The new version of the NIU Wang Wang mode has no such entrance, please switch to "Workbench mode" to operate!

Click on the pop-up sub-account permissions to set the interface:

Sub-account settings, find the child account to be modified, click on the right side of the pencil icon, into the Modify interface. In the Modify interface, focus on the "Permissions" section. At the same time, you can quickly set permissions by selecting the role above. Click "Save" to complete.

To this step has completed the Sub account permission set!

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