How to be a good project manager

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As a project manager, is a kind of cultivation, the following are all need to slowly cultivate:
1, temper must be controlled well. Whether the team member does not complete the work on time or the customer is always changed, in short you have no reason to lose your temper, especially in front of team members in the face of temper;
2, don't panic. Project risk always exists, all kinds of problems are always there, big things as long as calm, will come up with a solution. If not calm enough, it is possible to make a wrong decision, the consequences of a wrong decision is often serious, the result may be rework, project failure and other consequences. Remember, make sure you do the right thing at once.
3, never let a superior leader to help you think the solution. This is a lot of people are prone to make mistakes, often throw the problem to the leadership, and then blame the leadership does not support your work does not solve the problems you encounter. Remember, leadership is just making decisions, not helping you think about solutions, or what do you want to do with them? For example, when the project resources are insufficient, need to apply for resources, do not directly tell the leadership resources is not enough, must tell him the face of insufficient resources, what kind of consequences, and then there are several solutions, What are the pros and cons of each scenario, and then ask the leader to choose a solution;
4, it's no use remembering to complain. Think carefully, when is complaining useful? If the complaint is useful, why do you want to do it? If you complain about it, the ideal can be realized, complaining about the low wages, the boss will be a good salary, you think it is possible? Remember, complaining is useless, and complaining too much will only prove that you are a useless project manager. If you have a problem, you want to break your head. For example, the team members have backgrounds, playing experts, not to listen to your words, complaints useful? Think of the root of the problem, and then learn a personal communication skills, this problem must be in your own body, no doubt;
5, be sure to trust your team members and encourage them more. Criticism is the most taboo in team building, unless there are very serious problems, we should carefully consider whether to criticize. In the various methods of criticism, public name criticism is the most serious. Remember, everyone has self-esteem. You have to trust your team members and believe they are good. If they are not good, it must be your responsibility that you have not been able to motivate their morale and have not been able to help them improve their job performance. Trust them, and encourage them to do the right job for them;
6, pay attention to fairness and justice. This is a project manager must have the quality, is a kind of professional ethics. To treat project team members, they must evaluate their performance in a fair and impartial manner and reward them appropriately.
7, objective and truthful reporting. This is also a professional ethics. For the project status, it must be objectively and truthfully disclosed to the stakeholders, the more concealed the higher the risk. People are always afraid of being criticized for making mistakes and concealing the bad side of the project, bad news estimates that many people have done it. In fact, do the project, the problem is not terrible, terrible is not to expose the problem, do not let us help you to analyze the solution, to the project failure is also your professional failure time. I know, to be able to report objectively and truthfully, a bit difficult, but remember, this is necessary;
8, the credit is not his own. Remember, as a team, you inspire people to complete the project, the final credit is not for you alone, but everyone's. Not only that, in the course of the project, any idea of a solution to the credit, you can not be self-contained, even if this is really what you want to come out, you can not say it is their own, that is the wisdom of everyone. You should not even say the solution from your mouth, but rather lead the team members to tell them and then praise their wisdom;
9, don't think you are a handyman. Understand the value of their work, this is the prerequisite for doing a good job. As a project manager, there will be a lot of trivia, writing all kinds of reports, answering all kinds of phone calls, seeing all kinds of people, dealing with all kinds of things, it doesn't matter, as long as you do so many things are for the same goal, then your job is valuable, although scattered, also absolutely test your ability. Doing only one thing a day does not allow you to learn time management, and doing 10 things a day can make you have to learn time management. From the work to find their own shortcomings in order to progress. Think of yourself as a handyman, the mentality has been wrong, and how can think to improve it?
A random list of 9, are the project managers need to cultivate, of course, far more than these 9. Therefore, when the project manager itself is a kind of cultivation, the achievement of cultivation is not the success of your project, but your personal career development success.

How to be a good project manager

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