How to become a Java talent

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Today's It stores have great demand for Java talent, easy work, good treatment, low threshold is the characteristic of Java work direction, Java has been recognized as one of the most sought-after work direction, which attracts many people in this direction. Java relative to other programming languages relatively low threshold of work, just you have the Java basic technology to find a job is not difficult, but Java programmers are not only comfortable 35,000 monthly salary, they expect to grow into excellent Java programmer, get more pay.

Regardless of all walks of life, the bedrock is the key. For example, you are a great writer, the result of old pen to forget the word, pen to forget the word, then you how to write a delicate article. The same is true of program development, both understand the fundamental technology, but also in-depth understanding of its principles, so that in the future development process talent.

Today, many beginners are watching video to learn Java, which has the advantage and harmful place. Video tutorial education is simple, fast, direct, students relatively simple grasp of Java technology, but simple disregard of the algorithm and data structure and other original rational content, so despite the mastery of programming technology, but can not compile a high-quality program, still become a master. Therefore, the novice must take the time to study these content, and more use of programming practice, not only focus on learning, but also focus on practice.

For beginners who are just getting started, you can take a step-by-step understanding. It career needs huge, Java talent good employment as long as the understanding of the operating system, grasp the threading mechanism, and proficient in big data, so talent to write efficient and useful programs. The Novice programming program often does not conform to the specifications, not according to the current general specification write, name, without comments and so on. The program written in this way is poor quality and difficult to read. The program written by the master is like a psalm, and the programs written in low hands are like grass. Strict requirements from one, not only help to write easy-to-read programs, but also to make their own ideas clear, and help improve the speed of coding.

How to become a Java talent

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