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When selecting a server, the generalIDCoperators will make several suggestions: buyVPS(Virtual Private server), after the server is purchased, and managed toIDCroom, directly withIDCThe carrier hires the server or chooses to purchase a cloud server.
However, for so many choices, many customers tend to server hosting, server leasing, exclusive bandwidth,VPSLeasing, virtual hosting, cloud server and other concepts are not very understanding, do not know how to chooseIDCbusiness, some blindly pursuit of quality, choose a higher cost package, but waste of resources, no need, and some customers blindly save money, not according to their actual needs of the company's choice. Here are a few comparisons and evaluations of these different scenarios.
   VPS(Virtual Private ServerVirtual Private server) technology that splits a server into services for multiple virtual exclusive servers. VPSserver abbreviationVPS,also known asVPShost. VPSA host is a virtual host that is implemented through virtualization, a layer of abstraction that separates physical hardware from the operating system, providing higherITresource utilization and flexibility. TheseVPSthe server shares hardware, software licenses, and management resources with maximum efficiency. EachVPScan be assigned an independent public networkIPIndependent operating system, independent space, independent memory, IndependentCPUIndependent execution programs and standalone system configurations, for users and applications to simulate"Exclusive"Use the experience of computing resources. VPSYou can reinstall the operating system, install the program, and restart the server individually, just like a standalone server. VPSprovides users with the freedom to manage configurations for enterprise virtualization or forIDCResource Hire.
DifferentVPShardware used by the providerVPSdifferences in software, and the different sales strategies,VPSexperience is also a big difference. EspeciallyVPSprovider oversold, causing the physical server to overload,VPSperformance will be greatly affected. Relatively speaking, container technology is more efficient and easier to sell than virtual machine technology hardware, so generally the containerVPSthe price is higher than the virtual machineVPSthe price.
The virtualization technology that is most used today isXen, OpenVZ, Hyper-v,vmwareand so on, whereHyper-Vis Microsoft's own virtualization technology, only inWindowson the run, which is generally boughtWindowsSystem ofVPS, it is possible thatHyper-Vthe. VmwareSome of the smaller host chambers in the country used to runWindowsorLinuxof all. OpenVZis an operating system-based virtualization technology that runs efficiently with the real machine(Entity Server)almost the same,OpenVZcheap, very easy to be oversold (assuming that the host has16Gmemory, but opened -Desk1Gof MemoryVPS, and it was sold out; -DeskVPSis shown in1Gmemory, which is oversold). Xenvirtual system is very similar to the real machine, there areSwap, you can runPPTPof theVPN, not easy to sell. The same configurationVPS,Xenperformance is significantly superior toOpenVZ.
   VPSThe main advantage is that the price is cheap. The disadvantage is low performance and poor security.
  Server Leasing
Server leasing means that users do not need to buy their own servers, just according to the needs of the business, put forward the requirements of hardware configuration. The host server isIDCService provider configuration. The user adopts the method of renting, installs the corresponding system software and application software in order to realize the user exclusive High performance server, realizes all network service function, the user's initial investment reduces, may more monograph in own business research and development. Users can install their own operating system and the corresponding application software, and completely self-management, but also by the company on behalf of users to install systems, application software, free server monitoring services. Users can rent monthly, annual rent, monthly rent no deposit, annual rent to send property.
The advantage of renting a server is convenient and low price, we know that most of the server bought after the installation of the system and software, debugging after the end will be put intoIDCroom, then, directly leasedIDCroom server is relatively more convenient, because after all, save the transport link, if the room is not far from the user's location that is very good to do, their own car or ride in the past can be, but ifIDCroom away from the user's location is very far, transport in the past is usually very troublesome, at this time, rental is really a good way, even if not a good way, but also the way, especially in the southwest and northwest of the computer room resources are very small, those areas of the user to take the server to host the way is really better than directly to rent.
However, the server rental room also has its shortcomings: most of the users do not see what the server they rented, some more honest operators will truthfully tell customers what the server they rented is what brand, what model. But there will be very fewIDCThe use of self-assembled server as a rental business to reduce costs, so the user is able to provide a simple configuration of the server information, as to what brand of motherboard and even motherboard chip is what, these are users remote Management Server when you can see.
  Server Hosting
Server hosting means that customers buy their own servers and then trafficIDC(host) to the computer room for management and maintenance, the ownership and use of the server is the customer's own, only to pay the management costs. In the case of server hosting, if the hardware and other problems, the room is generally not responsible for maintenance, customers need to handle their own.
The benefits of server hosting are strong autonomy and full control over the server. With the lower cost of the server, most of the professional and major customers tend to buy their own equipment and then take the way of hosting, because the way to assemble a server in its own manner, even half of the new parts half of the second-hand parts of the assembly of the price is not too high , users who want high-performance can come up with enough money to buy higher-profile products, and some brand-oriented and stable users can also buy brand servers directly from the first-tier manufacturers. In addition, some users may want to use a more special operating system and software, or the need to replicate a large number of data to the server hard disk, these operations remote control room server is not very convenient, usually first debug or copy well then take to the room hosting.
In general, server hosting can choose their own configuration and installation software, in the hardware procurement comparative advantages, but need to have professional management and maintenance enterprises, and server leasing is more flexible, no hardware costs, maintenance is also more worry. For far away from the computer room, you can choose to rent a server, eliminating the commuting. If it is not very far from the computer room, it is best to purchase the server and then put the room hosting.
   Cloud Server
Cloud Server (Elastic Compute Service,abbreviationECS) is a computing service that handles elastic scalability, and is managed more easily and efficiently than a physical server. Cloud Server provides resilient cloud technology that adjusts cloud host configurations, consolidating compute, storage, and network resourcesIaasServices, cloud hosting services with on-demand and on-demand instant payment capabilities. There is a great improvement in flexibility, controllability, extensibility and resource reusability.
The cloud Server service consists of two core products: Cloud Server Leasing Services for SMB users and high-end users, and elastic computing platform services for large and medium-sized Internet users.
Each cluster node of the cloud server platform is deployed in the backbone data center of the Internet to provide independent computing, storage, online backup, hosting, bandwidth and other Internet infrastructure services.
Cloud server for the following users: Focus on host services cost-effective users, the need for rapid implementation of distributed deployment of users, the flexibility of the business to expand the capacity of users, users with system high availability and rapid recovery needs, etc.
AndVPScompared to the cloud server to achieve complete isolation between the cloud host, built-in redundant shared storage and intelligent backup, physical server failure can be automatically recovered in a few minutes, the service environment with high-end server deployment, while the use of centralized management and monitoring to ensure business stability and reliability. Overall, cloud server performance is much higher thanVPS, which is stronger than a partial standalone server.
It should be said that the cloud hosting leasing business is a relatively popular nowadaysIDCservices, but also in the future there is potential for the development of a similar virtual machine leasing business, relative to the purchase of servers, cloud host business is relatively inexpensive and has the advantages of server leasing, and compared to the traditional server rental and virtual host, the general configuration of the cloud host is relatively high, It is too expensive to rent a server with this configuration separately, and a cost-effective way to hire a cloud host.

For how to selectVPS, leasing servers, hosting servers, cloud servers, here are some summary:
   1.VPS: Suitable for a small company,The number of users only a few companies, this type of company, direct rental business mailbox service will be more cost-effective (u-mailEnterprise Mailbox to provide professional Enterprise mailbox rental service);
   2.Server Leasing: For small and medium sized companies,The number of users is more, their own enterprises have no dedicated management Server,;
   3.server hosting: For large companies, buy their own servers, need to be hosted in professionalIDCcomputer room;
4.Cloud server: forAll kinds of enterprises, can be based on their own business needs to buy, more flexible

How to build a mail server how to select a server

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