How to build Apache Log4cxx 0.10 by Visual Studio 201*

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Chapter 1 Official Steps

We are going to follow the steps here, However, we must make changes to adapt to Visual Studio 201*.

1. Download later version of Log4cxx which is Apache Log4cxx 0.10 from here, ml

2. Download dependencies from

3. The official building guideline is quite easy to follow.

1 3 4 5 6 7 unzip apr-1.2.11-win32-src.ziprename apr-1.2.11 aprunzip apr-util-1.2.10-win32-src.ziprename apr-util-1.2.10 apr-utilcdapache-log4cxx-0.10.0configureconfigure-aprutil

4. I recommand you to install Gow in your developer machine and then you'll have many unix/linux like tools, very convenient. Or if you had git, you can add git cmd tools into your env.

configure configure-aprutilabove 2 cmd requires Sed.exe, install it (gow/git) before excute them.Chapter 2 Building log4cxx 1. Now we had to convert *.DSW to *.cxproj. To make it smooth, just launch Visual Studio 201* and open log4cxx.dsw.VS would ask if you like to convert everything. Simply Click Yes.2. Set Log4cxx as Startup Project.3. Open Project Log4cxx ' s Properties window, add other 3 projects as references, in here:Properties-Common properties, framework and references.4. Hit F7 If- c2252, this is because log4cxx_list_def define error, go to its definition and change it to /c6>

#define LOG4CXX_LIST_DEF (n, T) typedef std::vector<t> N

Like this,


#define LOG4CXX_LIST_DEF (N, T) \
Template class Log4cxx_export std::allocator<t>; \
Template class Log4cxx_export std::vector<t>; \
typedef std::vector<t> N

#define LOG4CXX_LIST_DEF (n, T) typedef std::vector<t> N

5. and u'll meet another err about insert_iterator, simply add #include <iterator> to reletive file

6. done! Enjoy your log4cxx!

How to build Apache Log4cxx 0.10 by Visual Studio 201*

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