How to build Linux's three kinds of servers

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1.tftp. What's that for? Communication between host and Target machine. In short, the computer communicates with the board.

2.NFS.? Full name NET file Dystem simply set up a shared file on a Linux host, and then let some eligible Linux and the shared file or directory have access to it. Take a Windows shared file and think about it.

3.Samba.? What are you doing? The above NFS is the implementation of Linux machine and Linux machine share, this smaba is to implement Windows and Linux machine sharing.

Problems with installation

1. Restart after the use of Netstat-a |grep TFTP did not see the effect of want to see.

2. What's the test?

3.NFS installation not on, next reload try

4.samba set up, but from Windows can only read, can not write, next time to try, find the reason (has been resolved, is the issue of permissions, if you want to a folder to copy things, then all of his parent file permissions must be able to write the line)

One. Tftp


Apt-get Install TFTPD (service side)

Apt-get Install TFTP (client)

Apt-get Install xinetd

2, establish the configuration file




Service TFTP


Socket_type = Dgram

protocol = UDP

Wait = yes

user = root


Server_args =-s/tftpboot

Disable = no

Per_source = 11

CPS = 100 2

Flags = IPV4


Disk exit

3, set up a TFTP service file directory


4. New START Service

/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

Installation Complete! Test method: (not tested for the moment). Keep it.)

Put a file in the/tftpboot directory ABC

Then run TFTP into the TFTP command line

Enter the get ABC to see if you can get the file down, if you can, or put the file up

Two. Nfs

Three. Samba

According to country-embedded video

sudo apt-get install Samba

For example vim/etc/samba/smb.conf

Configuring the Samba server

[Root]; This is the name that you see after the Windows IP connection.

Comment = root Guoqianjiaode

Path =/

browseable = yes

writable = yes

Valid users = SMB

Useradd SMB; Add Account SMB

smbpasswd-a SMB; modify SMB password

View the IP of the Linux machine by looking at the inet in Ifconfig

In Windows "Run". Enter (IP address)

You can see an interface, enter the Linux account password just now

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