How to buy sofa on the internet how to detect good or bad?

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With the Internet and the development of people's consciousness, now online shopping furniture is a very common thing, home life, many people began to buy the sofa on the internet, then buy the sofa on the Internet to pay attention to what it? Here to share with you on the Internet to buy the attention of the sofa, we hope to help.


  1 See if the website is normal

When you buy a sofa online, we first want to search some of the web site to sell sofa, home to find the website to sell the sofa to see if there is online customer service, if the work hours are not customer service online, it is conceivable that this enterprise does not pay attention to customer experience, buy furniture estimates also do not good after-sales service, such enterprises can be directly There are also online search for information about this site, to see if there is any negative news, this must be noted.

  2 grasp the sofa fabric and color.

Here are some notes on the different sofas. Living room sofa, on-line to buy furniture fabrics to the texture of thick velvet or cloth-like sofa, in color should pay attention to and indoor decoration style coordination. The sofa in the bedroom, in addition to the overall harmony with the interior decoration style, online shopping furniture should choose warm, romantic, quiet color; the choice of fabric is to feel comfortable knitted nylon, long hair fabric as a best, thus appear warm, elegant, give a person with comfortable feeling. Buy a sofa on the Internet because you can not see the touch, so you have to ask clearly sell sofa enterprises

  3 See how you pay

The so-called payment method is the website support payment method, this must pay attention to, online Furniture mall is best to find those who choose is the goods to pay the merchant, and so the merchant's goods get hand after payment, so there is a little more protection, after all, now online some is deceptive, although less, but we also have to prevent.

  4 Choose after-sale guaranteed

Sofa This kind of furniture may involve installation and so on, so buy the sofa when the Internet must choose to have after-sale protection, not to lose, home network and later maintenance, or to find a good after-sales service enterprise is the focus, if there is no protection after sale, the maintenance of the later sofa will also make people headache.

Brief introduction:

Muzi Furniture has been established since 98 in Gejiu of Yunnan province, which is known as China's tin. With the current Internet marketing e-commerce impact and development of physical stores. 2014 Yunnan Shaoxing Good Business launched a 020 platform open to build a business in the home e-commerce sales platform, the main set decoration, furniture, building materials, home maintenance, home customization, personalized customization and other products and services as one of the "single-stop" home integrated platform. It is intended to realize the "double platform" business model, which is based on the "wooden sub-home Living Network" and the offline "wood sub-Habitat Experience Hall", to subvert the traditional furniture industry with internet thinking, so that Muziku becomes the most beloved home service brand.

Contact information:

Mobile 13378712798 Landline 0871-65215553

Fax 087163195556 400 Tel: 4008796955

Zip Code 650200

No.: Muziku Home

Company Address No. 14 Building 1 unit 903 Room 1, Dongtai Garden, Kunming, Yunnan, China


How to buy sofa on the internet how to detect good or bad?

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