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"Grape Wine night cup, even hold the pipa immediately urged", Wine originated in the ancient Persian region, one of the birthplace of human civilization, introduced in the early year of the Western Han Dynasty China, has been two thousand years of history. As an elasticsearch wine, it is not only excluded by China, where the local liquor culture is prevalent. Instead, it has been favored by scholars in history and has become a symbol of elegance and respect.
Wine Classification
Liquor can be divided into several categories according to different standards, such as color, sugar content, brewing technology, and drinking method. Among them, we most often come into contact with the classification by color and sugar content.
By wine color can be divided
White wine: It is made of white-skin white meat or red-skin white meat grape by peel fermentation, this kind of wine is almost colorless or slightly yellow green, pingjia.
Red wine: It is made from skin fermented with red grapes. This kind of wine shows the natural gem red.
Peach red wine: The color between white wine and red wine belongs to the peach red wine.
It can be divided
Dry-Type wine: it has a sugar content of less than 4g/L, a clean and elegant taste, and a natural fruity flavor.
Semi-dry wine: Sugar Content in 4 ~ Between 12g/L, slightly sweet, mellow taste.
Half-sweet wine: sugar content between 12 ~ 50 Gbit/s/L, with a sweet and sour fruit and wine flavor.
Sweet wine: with a sugar content greater than 50g/L, it has a sweet and mellow taste.
Nutrition and health care of wine
As the only "alkaline" liquor, wine contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to human health, among them, the "dry red" which is rich in "original anthocyanins" is our recommended type. Unlike other wines, the long-term moderate drinking of "dry red" has a variety of significant health effects on our body. Grape skins in wine contain a large amount of procyantin. As a natural antioxidant, in addition to anti-aging, it can also inhibit the production of He-d, reduce the permeability of the vascular wall to prevent atherosclerosis.
As a natural phenolic substance with strong biological activity, "picretes" is often used as a chemical preventive agent for tumors in medicine. The study found that the presence of vertices is large in wine, which is conducive to the prevention of alcoholic fatty liver disease. It also plays a role similar to insulin, which can improve the utilization of peripheral tissue energy substances in circulation, to reduce blood sugar.
Red wine purchase
How should we Polish our eyes and choose high quality red wine with peace of mind? The following describes how to use the four words "Hope, smell, question and cut" in Chinese medicine to easily select a red wine.
Hope: look at the wine color, good red wine is natural ruby red or Pomegranate Red, the color is too light or too dark brown is poor quality performance; liquor should be clear, transparent, there can be a small amount of natural precipitation. If the residue is too large or the liquor is turbid, it may be inferior or deteriorated products, do not buy.
Smell: smell, you can pour the red wine into the high-foot cup, put the whole nose into the cup, high quality red grape cocktail party has a slightly sour fruit fragrance naturally, and inferior red wine either no taste, either it is a strong aroma or a pungent alcohol flavor due to the addition of flavor and alcohol.
Q: Check the tags and ask the shopping guide if necessary. Carefully check the origin, year, ingredient list, alcohol level, sugar level, and other indicators. In terms of origin, try to select the origin latitude at 25 ° ~ north latitude ~ The regions between 45 °, such as the Bohai region or the region north of the Great Wall, are China's high-quality wine raw materials. For ingredients, choose 100% original juice as the raw material for the red wine, do not choose products that mix alcohol or add too many additives. In terms of alcohol precision and sugar level, try to choose alcohol precision (9 ° ~ 15 °) low dry red wines are more beneficial to your health. In addition, wine is not the longer the better, except for the famous wines used for collection, it is best to drink the wine we buy in supermarkets within two years after the production date, otherwise it will affect the taste.
Cut: three super-simple hands-on experiments that teach you how to distinguish between superior and inferior wines from multiple perspectives. High-quality red wines are made from 100% of high-quality grapes. This type of wine has a very high content of anthocyanins, while fake or Blended red wines have very few or even no content, these three experiments were designed based on the principle of detecting the content of anthocyanins.


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