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I guess everyone will play the game installed on the phone when it's all right. Before no matter is the large-scale net swims or the small fresh leisure, all will request us to register first after landing, quite cumbersome. It's a lot simpler now, domestic manufacturers in order to obtain more resources (user information or promotion), so that we can "convenient" direct use of micro-letter, QQ or other social accounts directly login, if your phone has opened the micro-letter and so on the app, "authorization" can be no longer need cumbersome registration process. But then, if you feel that the game is not interesting, how can you cancel the authorization of social accounts after unloading?

Using a micro-credit account to log in to the game, you will be asked so many permissions

Let's talk about micro-letters first. Open the phone micro-mail software, click the "Discovery" interface, we will see a "game" option, enter the game and then click on the upper right to see all the use of the micro-letter authorization of the game.

Click on the game in the game Settings bar, point to determine the release of the game authorization, you can successfully cancel the micro-letter to the game authorization.

And QQ will be cumbersome some, mainly can not directly in the mobile phone operation, need to log on to your PC QQ, and then click the main panel on the lower right quartet block icon "Application Manager", click to enter the interface after the "QQ footprint" this component, add it to the main panel below or directly into the "QQ footprint" Operation page.

Enter the "QQ footprint" management interface, you will see all the use of this QQ account login sites and applications, games, at this time can be managed or directly "Cancel all authorization", it depends on what you want to keep.

In fact, even if you do not cancel the account of the game and the application of the authorization is not a big deal, but developers have nothing to send a reminder, use your social relationships to promote their products, or your friends in the game constantly asking for your help, send an invitation to ask you back, some of the time is really annoying, The purpose of our doing so is simple: figure out the peace of mind.

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