How to change a nice icon for a U disk

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I believe you have bought some CDs, put the CDS into the system, is it possible to see a very beautiful icon, today to tell you how this is done out, but today is not to give you to the CD to do the demo, I believe that we commonly used a U disk, so we use a U disk to demonstrate to everyone to see, Let's take a look at how to get it.

What we need to know is what format the icon is used for, the icon is in ICO format, then how do we have these icons, there are two methods for everyone to reference, you can search the Internet to find their favorite, you can use the system software from the, put it there, open the Start menu, and then select the search options.

In the Open Search Results window, if you want to search for a file or folder named *.ico, why do you enter it this way, because we only know the format is ICO, not the name.

After you enter, click the Immediate Search button to search for a number of small icons for the name ICO.

After the search results come out, copy the icon you think good-looking, I copied a kitten icon, and then the U disk to connect your computer USB interface, the icon pasted to the root directory of U disk.

After copying the icon, open the Start menu in turn, select all the programs, and then choose the attachment, hit Notepad, and open Notepad.

then enter [Autorun] icon=favicon.ico,0 in Notepad and select the file on the menu bar and save as an option to save the file as.

[Autorun] Icon=favicon.ico,0,favicon.ico change this name to you want the name of the icon, you can also change the name to Favicon.ico, a default is to change the name.

In the Pop-up Save Location window, browse to the root of the U disk and name it Autorun.inf, then click the Save button to remember that the extension here must be INF.

Then the U disk from the computer deleted down, and then again to connect the U disk, this time to see, U disk icon is not become very personalized, we all go to try it.

This is done, this method also applies to the hard disk oh, just need to restart the computer Oh!

Attention matters

This method does not apply to the U disk do immune friends, because the file name and immune name. Can not be saved.

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