How to change camera photo quality on Android JB3

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In the \packages\apps\camera\src\com\android\camera\
Case Row_setting_jpeg_quality:
int jpegquality = getjpegquality (Context, Integer.parseint (value));
Parameters.setjpegquality (jpegquality);
Modified to:
Case Row_setting_jpeg_quality:
int jpegquality = 100;
Parameters.setjpegquality (jpegquality);

The scope of the jpegquality is 1~100, you can change it on demand, and the current 6572 JB3 default is 90.

Problems that may result:
When Jpegquality is set to greater than 95 o'clock, the JPEG file size encode out in a complex scenario may exceed the buffer we have reserved, resulting in a variety of problems, such as a photo not being previewed and showing no thumbnails in the gallery app.

When the jpegquality>95 is set by the AP, the underlying is forced down to 95 before use.
If you do not drop quality and increase the capture file buffer size, you can also resolve this issue. However, file size is too large, it will affect the performance of continuous shooting (reduce the shooting speed, continuous shooting can not reach the maximum number of numbers, etc.). Therefore, the final use of quality way to solve.

How to change camera photo quality on Android JB3

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