How to change the font size and font in Excel2007

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Step 1, select the cell, cell range, text, or character you want to format.

Tip To deselect a range of cells, click any cell in the worksheet.

Step 2, on the Start tab, in the Font group, do the following:

• To change the font, click the font you want in the Font box. • To change the font size, click the font size you want in the Font Size box, or click Increase Font size or Decrease Font sizeuntil the font size you want is box displays the font size you want.


• In Microsoft Office Excel, small caps (small caps: The formatting that makes lowercase text appear as a small-font capital letter.) Small caps do not affect numbers, punctuation, non-alphanumeric characters, or uppercase letters. And all uppercase font options are not available. To get a similar effect, you can choose a font that contains only uppercase letters, or you can press Caps Lock and select a small font.

• If some of the data entered in a cell is not visible, and you want to display the data without specifying a different font size, you can wrap the line in the cell. If only a small amount of data is not visible, you can narrow the text to fit the size of the cell.

How do I make all the text in a cell visible

Step (1) Select the cells that are visible only in part of the text.

Step (2) perform one of the following actions:

• To wrap automatically, click Wrap Line, this button is located in the Alignment group on the Start tab. • To narrow the text so that it fits in the cell, click the dialog Box Launcher next to align on the Start tab, and then select text Control The Shrink font fill check box below.

Change the default font or font size for a new workbook

Step 1, click Microsoft Office buttons, and then click Excel Options.

Step 2, in the personalization category, under New Workbook, click a font in the Used Fonts box, and then specify a font size in the Font Size box.

Note to start using the new default font and font size, you must restart Excel. The new default font and font size apply only to new workbooks created after you restart Excel, and existing workbooks are not affected.

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