How to change the port number of ArcGIS 10.1 for server

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ArcGIS 10.1 for server is embedded with a Web server, which is tomcat, located in the framwork/runtime directory, while the default port number of ArcGIS 10.1 for server is 6080, people familiar with Tomcat know that the default port number of Tomcat is 8080, And the configuration file of Tomcat can change this port number, as long as it does not conflict with other ports on the machine, you can make any changes. ArcGIS
10.1 for server is to change this port to 6080. If I want to use another port, can I? The answer is yes. Here we will explain the two situations below.


ArcGIS Server that has created the site



For this change, you need to perform the following operations: Change 6080 In the Tomcat server. xml file to the port number you need, for example:


One site has at least one cluster, and one cluster has at least one server, which is familiar to us. We need to go to the machine under config-sotre and change the port to the same as above, this generally modifies two parts of the configuration file, for example:

After modification, we can verify it, for example:


No site has been created

We know that the configuration file under the config-store just modified was created when the machine joined the site. If our server is installed, the site has not yet been created, is it necessary to modify the tomcat configuration file? Let's make a bold guess.

We only need to move the configuration file pointing to config-store to a place to perform this experiment. Why?

To prove my innocence, I installed the first config-sotre on drive C, and the second was to re-create a site on drive D. You can see the effect.


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