How to change the WINDOWS8 system after installation to UEFI boot

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1, first of all, we first install a good Ghost Win8 system, here we have installed;

2, then we have to go to the motherboard BIOS to set the boot mode for UEFI, here is not detailed on each motherboard setup steps are different, but the key UEFI open all the same. The hard drive has been unable to boot, then use a support UEFI boot PE into the PE system (the latest computer stores, cabbage, old peaches are supported)

3, enter the PE, format the boot partition (is a 100MB or 350MB small partition.) If not, do not format, on the hard drive to find a way to separate a 100MB FAT32 partition), note that you must select the FAT32 file system.

4, change the label, easy to identify (can skip)

5. When the format is complete, open a command prompt and type the command: BCDboot d:windows/s C:/L zh-cn/f All

This allows you to repair the EFI boot partition. In fact, this also fixes the BIOS boot, if back to the BIOS boot, or can boot successful, this step is to copy the boot to the 100M hidden boot partition.

Note: The above code D is the system file partition (that is, Windows, program files, and other folders in the partition), C is the FAT32 partition, according to their actual situation to enter the appropriate letter, otherwise it will be wrong.

6, the boot partition has been successfully repaired.

7, you can see that the boot file has been repaired.

8, look at the BCD, already good.

9, reboot, has been able to guide.

After the above steps are set, the user can change the original BIOS mode-initiated WIN8 system to UEFI mode, and then the WIN8 system will start in UEFI mode.

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