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A lot of people in the Bluetooth headset when charging is always careless, general Bluetooth headset charging 2 hours is good. The direct consequence of long charging time is that the machine board aging or even burned out, a variety of inexplicable machine failures, such as standby time shortened, frequent disconnection, call distance shortened, unable to boot, etc., so please take care of your machine, do not give him too long to charge. And be sure to charge after the machine is exhausted. In addition, the headset charger after the completion of the charge, remember to unplug from the strip, if the long time inserted in the power supply, will seriously affect the life of the charger.

Pairing method:

Under normal circumstances, Bluetooth headset into the pairing state, only need to hold the boot button for 10 seconds or so do not let go, the headset will switch from shutdown to boot again to the pairing state, its performance for the headset led red and blue alternating flashing (some is a color of the lamp long bright, some are changed to fast flashing). Then use the mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices, you can find your headset.

1-led is long on (not flashing) For example, Nokia BH600 WEP450 Moto H605

2-Fast flashing (just start with a slow flash don't let go press on) For example, Nokia BH100 BH101 BH102 BH103 BH209 BH300

3-red-blue alternating flashes for example Plantronics 655 665 855 815 and Kee I tech Clip series Qtrek Blue Polar SRS MOTO

4-boot can be paired for example BH700 BH800 bh201bh801 BH202

Bluetooth headset General bluetooth pairing password are 0000, and the is 8888

When your phone is searching for headphones and you're typing the password correctly, it's not that your phone can answer the phone with a Bluetooth headset. Now many mobile phones need to connect with headphones when they find a Bluetooth device. If your phone is not connected to the headset in the settings, you still can't answer the phone (for example, Nokia N70 6681 N72 Enter the pairing code, and then check the "" "" Connection "in the" option "), After everything is done, the phone will have a headset logo on it.

Special Model Pairing Method:

Sprint PHS-3 Press the power-on key until the light is lit, then left + key and power-on key two press together, until the red and blue lights alternately flashing, cell phone search, pairing code 0000

Motorcycle H700 H810 The Bluetooth headset first, long press the Bluetooth headset multi-function key to make the indicator light "constant light", immediately will be opened, keep the "constant bright" status, mobile phone search, pairing code 0000

Motor H555 power-on Key allocated, mobile phone search, pairing code 0000

Charging time:

2 hours or so, not more than 3 hours.

Tips for using:

Headphones and mobile phones on the same side of the body, conducive to the reception of signals

Bluetooth headset Restore factory Set up the method ~ ~

1-Customers in the use of Bluetooth headset, sometimes such as not match, unable to turn on the boot, you can do a Bluetooth headset reset action, the procedure is as follows:

1 First of the mobile phone in the matching of Bluetooth headset deleted (sometimes need to take out cell phone batteries and SIM card and then reload);

2 and then the Bluetooth headset charging 5 seconds after the power off, 3 consecutive times;

3 Please note that at this time your Bluetooth headset should be a power and shutdown state;

4 again according to the instructions to match the instructions, the phone and Bluetooth headset to match again.

2-This method is suitable for most Bluetooth headphones.

Many Bluetooth headphones sometimes appear to be unable to connect the phenomenon. Performance for the headset into the code state, but the phone search is not, or search, but the password is not valid.

This is mainly because the Bluetooth chip built-in program for the new headset is not active, or the number of headphones memory connections is full.

Most headphone manufacturers use a uniform approach when they produce, both by holding down the "power Switch" and "Volume +" keys for 15 seconds. such as Nokia's 3W/21W etc

3-Force Recovery method

Start the headset on (no need to go to the code state) and charge the headset for 5-10 seconds.

When most headphones are plugged in, the headset shuts down automatically and the machine is forced to return to its factory state.

However, this method is not valid for some models of headphones.

4-and remember I TECH series bluetooth headset Restore factory set up method.

This method is suitable for the model I TECH brand Bluetooth headset s/s38/s35/r35/iis/iiis and so on, when the above models of Bluetooth headset call failure, according to the following methods can be resolved. Hope to help you players

We take the R35 of I TECH as an example, the headset has a most secretive key: RESET (reset) key, hidden in the clip at the back of the hook, it can make s38/s35/r35/iis/iiis/s, such as Bluetooth headset restore factory settings, delete all connections.

The specific method of operation is: in the headset boot state, with toothpicks point reset key 5-10 seconds, until the ear organ machine, and then reboot, with the mobile phone search Bluetooth device After the connection can be.

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