How to check whether the mobile phone is the mainstream or parallel imports?

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Android phone

1, in the mobile phone installation of "security Guardian" mobile version.

2, and then hand open the software click the "Security Tool" related options.

3, in the security tool we find "system detection" as shown in the figure.

4, so into the system detection will see a "Check the authenticity of the phone" We click on this button.

5, this time the mobile phone automatic testing, verify the authenticity of the principle is to test whether the performance of the official match. You need to open the network here.

6, if there is no problem will show is authentic, through the words such as.

Apple phone

In the mobile "set"-"General"-"about the machine" at the bottom there is a "model", I tested this is "MC640LL" This is the United States version of the typical parallel imports (also can be the official input of your model: Enter query)

One of the easiest ways to differentiate is

CH/A is a mainland licensed

LL/A is the U.S. version of the licensed

ZP/A is a Hong Kong version of licensed

All the rest is Digest mail.

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