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because of the reason of work, I often need to read some English materials. Some text-type data, you can easily use PowerWord, Bing dictionary software such as word translation, or through the translation of the whole sentence or even the entire article translations. But some data is the picture form, although the translation software has the OCR recognition function, but only translates the word, cannot carry on the whole sentence to translate like the stroke word. Can the picture also carry on the whole sentence such as the word translation?

"Ideas for solving problems"

Because similar to PowerWord, Bing Dictionary, such as software to work, they are by reading the mouse selected words or sentences, and then extract the word from the font to translate. The default picture of the elements we can not directly selected by the mouse, so in order to achieve the effect of the whole sentence translation, we need to convert the picture into selectable text, below we through the "Bing Dictionary" + "Agile OCR word recognition software" to achieve.

"How To solve problems"

First download and install the Bing Dictionary, start the software to check "translation" and Cancel "pick words". Then click "Settings", in the Open Settings page, the translation options under the choice of "Ctrl + Mouse translation" (so that the normal text selection will not automatically activate the translation), and then minimize it to the task tray (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Setting the method of translation

Then start the fast OCR text recognition software, click "Read", and then in the open page to select the need for a whole sentence translation of the picture, so that the picture can be imported after the content of its contents as text (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Import processing picture

After the picture is imported, the software will automatically select the text page, if the software selection range is not accurate, you can use the mouse to fine-tune (note: As far as possible to accurately determine the selection range to improve the recognition rate). Click "Read" so that the image will be scanned automatically on the right side. Because the recognition precision is not possible to achieve 100% (for pure character pictures, the software can basically identify more than 95% characters), in order to facilitate the Bing dictionary accurate translation, this can be selected in turn to identify the wrong characters, and then directly to the original changes (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Changing recognition error characters

Once the OCR character changes have been completed, we can now manipulate the text as it is translated. Just press the CTRL key first, then use the mouse to select on the identification text, at this point in the selection of text will appear on the top of the Bing Dictionary machine translation icon, click to automatically the selected sentence for the whole sentence translation, specific use and text translation is the same (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Selecting an entire sentence for the Bing dictionary after identifying the text

Of course, the Czech fast OCR text recognition software also supports the recognition of PDF files, if you need to identify more pictures, it is recommended to convert multiple images into a PDF file (each picture as a page body), so that after the import software can be read each page file. If you need to translate the next picture, just select the next page in the right-hand pane (if you are importing more than one picture, each picture is opened in a new tab and you need to switch back and forth). If you need to save the text and click Word, it is convenient to import the recognized text directly into Word.

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