How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look

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How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look

First, capacity

The current market on the mobile hard disk capacity from dozens of G to a few T (1g=1000g), the class is multifarious, the price from sell his grove block to thousands of yuan, the difference is huge. For different needs, the choice of how much capacity to move the hard disk is more appropriate?

1. Data-type users. The requirements for capacity are minimal for document data, in a Word or Excel document, for example, a normal document is only hundreds of KB size, 1G capacity can store about 2000 documents, 500GB capacity can save 500 times 2000 documents, I am relatively poor, can save how many of you to calculate it.

2. Picture-type users. Pictures occupy a lot more space than ordinary documents, take the picture of SLR camera for example, a picture probably 5MB,1GB can save 200 pictures, 500GB words should be 100,000. The 500GB mobile HDD is more cost-effective, so it is recommended to choose 500GB capacity.

3. Film and television users. 720P SD movie A roughly 1G space, 500G mobile hard drive can save about hundreds of; if the HD movie is the most likely to have 20GB around (such a source only in the professional forum is more common), 500GB's hard drive can save dozens of parts. If you are a high definition film enthusiast, then the capacity can be based on actual needs to consider, the more the more.

Second, interface type

1. At present, most of the mobile drives are USB interface, we only take the difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0 as an example.

2. The mainstream mobile hard disk can support the USB3.0 standard (also can be backward-compatible USB2.0 interface), 500G USB3.0 hard disk prices are generally between 300-400 yuan.

3. Of course, there are also individual hard drives still only support the USB2.0 interface, use up in addition to slow a bit without any problems, such a hard drive will generally be relatively inexpensive, prices are in between 200-300 yuan.

The transmission rate of 4.usb3.0 is more than n times higher than USB2.0 in theory. USB3.0 usually use a blue connector, whether it is a computer or hard disk, as long as you see the USB interface inside the plug-in is blue, it means that you can support USB3.0 transmission.

5. It is recommended that you choose USB3.0 Mobile Hard disk, of course, if the computer does not have USB3.0 blue interface, then even if the mobile hard drive is 3.0, will still automatically drop to USB2.0 transmission speed.

 Do you need solid state drives

1. Solid-State hard disk is what we often say SSD hard drives, solid-state drives the greatest advantage of three points: fast, small size, good resistance to fall. SSD hard disk speed is several times the average hard drive, only a fraction of the size of a common hard drive, in addition, in addition to the circuit board, SSD hard drive almost no fear of data storage organization was broken.

2. Solid state Drive Although the advantages are more, but there are two points are not easy to accept: first, the higher the price, the second is the smaller capacity. Mainstream solid-state hard drive prices are generally about 800 yuan, is the ordinary mobile hard disk twice times, and such a hard disk capacity is usually only 100 g, only a fraction of the ordinary hard disk.

Mobile hard drive which brand is good

The technical threshold of mobile hard disk is relatively high, but at present the technology is quite mature. Most mobile hard drives on the market can be guaranteed for more than 3 years (data loss is not responsible for), more reliable brands usually have Seagate, West (WD), Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, these brands are in the product technology has a core competitiveness; In addition, domestic Newman, Lenovo and other brands, although no core technology, but in the product integration , design, price and so on are still doing well, you can choose according to personal preferences.

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