How to choose the intelligent enterprise of purchasing management?

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With the increasing popularity of enterprise information management, has been relying on human procurement management has gradually started the intelligent management process, but for the first test of water management software enterprises, how to choose a suitable procurement management software, is a rather distressing problem. To this end, the small part of the enterprise procurement requirements and management issues, for the preparation of procurement management software business support.

In the operation of the enterprise, the procurement is a very important link, the efficiency of procurement, cost, schedule and other factors directly affect the subsequent series of work, then the choice of procurement software needs to be considered?

First, purchasing software is easy to use. Some companies spend a great effort on-line enterprise management software, the demonstration of powerful, as if omnipotent management software in the formal put into use, but often hit the wall, the reason for the use of software inconvenience, employees do not adapt to the operation of the product, and back to the original manual management mode, resulting in the management system is wasted, waste enterprise resources. Therefore, in the selection should pay attention to management software easy to operate, easy to manage, the use of simple and convenient procurement management software is more easily accepted by procurement and other relevant personnel, in order to better reflect the role of management software to improve efficiency.

Second, it is important to break the barriers of communication and share resources. Procurement is related to sales, business, finance, warehouses and other different departments, and procurement information scattered in the hands of each link in charge, the need for a number of departments to continue to communicate and collaborate to successfully complete the work. Not only is the workload great, but also the communication efficiency is low. Therefore, the choice can be different departments to carry out work on a platform, online communication, dialogue, automatic flow of information and resources to share the procurement software, can help enterprises to change the past procurement work communication inefficient problems, so that procurement progress becomes clear and controllable.

Thirdly, intelligent analysis reduces the pressure of human resources. In the past, financial personnel need to pass the data reported by different departments, manual statistics of the project cost of different procurement tasks, data volume is large and prone to errors. Some procurement software through the built-in intelligent analysis System, can automatically analyze the various procurement data and provide statistical reports, such as by extracting the purchase order base data, automatically calculate the next cycle of the expected payment to the supplier, facilitate financial preparation cash flow, using the supplier's delivery information, statistics of the top ten suppliers, Or the top ten suppliers that are currently awaiting payment, and so on. Management can be real-time monitoring to achieve transparency of the procurement process and reduce the supply chain problems caused by data failure.

Finally, the cost and security of software can not be neglected. In the selection, too much pursuit of big brands, high-cost software is not the best choice, really meet the needs of enterprises to purchase software to truly reflect its unique value. At the same time, blindly believe that free products are not good, there is no free lunch, the so-called free software may be in the functional loopholes, security can not be guaranteed, at any time there is a risk of information leakage. Especially for purchasing software, confidentiality is very important. The right cost is a must, only to ensure that information security, use can be more assured that the cost of spending to truly reflect the value.

Currently on the market based on the network, no installation of enterprise management system is welcomed by many enterprises, such as 8Manage SPM (procurement and supplier management system), it is a procurement, supply, bidding and other functions in one of the management software, all functions are only completed on a system, to achieve information sharing, It avoids the problem of data disconnection between different systems, it is easier and quicker to operate, and the 8Manage SPM provides reporting tools, which can provide various data analysis for enterprise and purchasing related personnel from multiple dimensions.

With the continuous development of cloud services, in addition to the traditional purchase form to choose the procurement system, more and more enterprises will be more choice of leasing system to promote the company's internal information management. Procurement and supplier management system can be used in the form of leasing, 8Manage unique leasing model can greatly reduce the budget burden of enterprises, which is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the 8Manage also provides self-customized private cloud, public cloud and other cloud services, so that enterprise data security more secure.

The essence of enterprise application management software is to make enterprise management more simple and efficient, especially for purchasing system. How to help purchasing and management personnel to conduct procurement work more quickly and efficiently, and provide decision support for management. is the purchase management system is necessary.

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How to correctly choose the intelligent enterprise of purchasing management?

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