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Unconsciously I have been in Wuhan SEO million Shield education study for a full one months, in this short one months, I learned a lot of valuable knowledge, have a lot of wealth. Life is in the non-stop to do the choice, SEO is the same, choose a good keyword will often make your site SEO road with less effort. Today in this want to discuss with you, how to choose the key words.

1. Relevance to Content

The keywords you choose must be relevant to the content of the site. For example: If the keyword you choose is football and your content is basketball, I believe that most users will choose to leave your site when they see your content, which brings traffic to your site, but it is a number of invalid traffic, can not bring you wealth, and still consumes your resources, The most important such point of departure from the user, as a SEO we have to regard themselves as users, understand the needs of users.

2. The number of searches is inversely proportional to competitiveness

The simple word is that keyword search number and competition is very small, so that SEO will be very easy to do, traffic is also large, and bring the benefits will be even greater. It is only a pity that reality is often cruel. Most search more than the key words, it will be more intense competition. Of course, can also through their own thinking to dig out. There's got to be something like me. SEO novice asked: "Then how do I know how many keywords I have chosen to search the number?" In fact, the search engine very good for us to provide such a tool Baidu index and Google keyword tools, through the query can get the number of search data. Using a good tool can measure the severity of your keywords and what might be a better ranking.

3. The definition of key keywords should not be too broad

It is not difficult to think from the above two points, if I choose the keyword definition is too broad, there will be a lot of search, the competition will be more intense. Too broad a definition can lead to ambiguous intentions, and even if you get a lot of traffic, the proportion of your conversion to income is very low. In general, choose keywords do not look like this do not go up, even if do not get a lot of income and not conducive to optimizing keywords.

4 key keywords can not be too special

Choose the key words as a person, non-mainstream is not always liked by most people. Because of your special, you may lose a large number of users. After all, users who use search engines want to get the information they need more intuitively. This seems to choose a keyword can not be defined too widely, and can not be too special, choose a good balance is a qualified SEO must have the factors.

5. Business Value

The same is true of people may have different income, the same keyword. Different keywords have different business value, even if the meaning of the same, the same number of words, will bring about the same business value. Like going to the mall to buy clothes, if you just look, may not be how the salesperson, but once you ask the price or request to wear, I believe that the salesperson at this time will show you the desire to buy, and very enthusiastic service. The choice of keywords is the same, the more can show the user needs, purchase the key words of desire, his business value is higher.

To sum up: the rational choice of keywords is very skilled, do not know whether the above five points can play a role for you. In fact, the choice of keyword methods are very many, ingenious, to do real extrapolate, find more and better ways to make knowledge into their own.

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