How to compile the Ruby interpreter correctly

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Usually when we compile a Ruby interpreter from the source code, we encounter problems where we cannot find some C-extension libraries. Here's how I compile the Ruby interpreter from the source code, the problems I've encountered, and how to solve these problems.

Compiling a Ruby interpreter is really simple, just unpack the Ruby code and then go to the Unzip directory, compile the interpreter and execute the compile command:

Make Test

The extension library is then compiled, because the C extension library requires the system to have some dependent C libraries, so if the system does not have these C libraries, then the Ruby interpreter is compiled
Skip compiling and installing some ruby extension libraries. For example, the zlib extension library requires C's extension library support.

1, after the completion of the compilation, whether containing zlib, such as C extension library.
A: Not necessarily, if the system already has a dependent C library, then the interpreter will be compiled and installed automatically, otherwise you must compile the C extension library.
First install the C program library (download from, make,make install),
And then to the Ext directory, make, make install.

The same is true for curses, download from, apt-get install g++,
Make, make install, Ruby extconf.rb, make, make install.

For installing the MySQL extension library with gems, Ruby EXTCONF.RB--with-mysql-dir=/usr/local/mysql/is required to specify the installation path for MySQL.
Then make and make install.
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