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Generally, any task has a necessary process to guide the implementation process in an overall manner:

1. Understand what to do. Including the basic grasp of SPEC (similarly, the first step only needs to grasp the overall + appropriate details, not all details ).

2. How to do this:

1) clarify relevant background knowledge, professional knowledge, and relatedCodeLogic. This is the basis of the work.

2) Consider solution. This will be the guiding ideology of coding. The specific implementation details should not be discussed here. You can skip it, but it is best. If you think of some difficult or block implementation details, write it down. By the time of implementation, review is also a very good reference.

3) specific implementation. In this process, unexpected and unexpected situations may occur in 99% cases. Therefore, you must stay calm in this process. As long as it is not blocker issue, first write down and implement the basic solution. Then, we solve the issues we encountered one by adding more code logic.

Note: As of now, some basic tests have been included to help verify the basic correctness of solution and help discover some issue.

4) solution is basically implemented. Next, we need to consider checkpoints and test cases for further comprehensive verification. It means the CC for development. Two small steps:

A. Consider some test cases so that all newly written code is executed once (the newly added logic is verified once), that is, all process branches are considered. Through this step, all the code in CL can be run again to verify the basic correctness of all the new logic.

B. # Once a passes, I know it in my mind. In this step, checkpoints and testcase are considered completely from the user's perspective. The principle is: do not cover all aspects (otherwise, what should QA do ?), But try your best (everything you can think of is tested ).

When such a process goes down, the quality of CC is generally very good.

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