How to completely remove the huge sleepimage file in Mac OS X

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With SSD's friend hard disk space is not big, need to save. and Mac OS X hibernation mode will automatically put a large memory and other files called "sleepimage" to the/PRIVATE/VAR/VM directory, in other words, your memory is how many GB, how many GB of hard disk space will be eaten by this file.

Previously introduced using the command line method to disable hibernation mode, as long as the terminal running sudo pmset-a hibernatemode 0.

But it doesn't seem to work on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), and after disabling it removes sleepimage, it won't be long before it revives again.

I tried a software called Smartsleep, which is also invalid.

Finally online search for a prescription, problem solving. Share to everyone.

Open TextEdit, create an empty text file, named Sleepimage, save to the desktop.

Find this file in the Finder, select it, press RETURN, and delete the suffix (. rtf or. txt).

In the Finder, press Command + Shift + G, enter/PRIVATE/VAR/VM, return.

Open a new Finder window and drag the desktop's Sleepimage file into the window in the third step above. You will then be asked to enter your administrator account password.

Select Sleep image in/private/var/vm, and press Command + I to hook up the Locked.


(The principle of this recipe is to put a small size of the same name file in the Sleepimage directory (/PRIVATE/VAR/VM), and prohibit the system to write to the file. )

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