How to configure a picture address for an extranet download on the server

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Do the client we all know, the server to a picture link after we directly through the HTTP download, we can smoothly download the picture, but for us, this process is confused, the backend is how to configure it? For the back-end staff, this blog post is not very meaningful, because you all understand, so for the great God do not spray, I just record it!

The steps are as follows:

1, first in the server to deploy their own site, and can be normal access (specific steps online a lot, do not say this), such as the site you deployed in the D:\appweb,appweb folder is the site details, Here we set the server's extranet IP to, at which point the address of the website will become

2, on the basis of step 1, we create a new image folder in the Appweb directory, in the folder into a picture, called 123.jpg, at this time we are not the link? Actually very simple, because we configure the path of the site is directly in the configuration of the outside of the network plus specific paths, such as, to this, this file is resolved!

In fact, the problem is very simple, just do the client we do not have to personally experience it will feel incredible, how to do it?

The purpose of writing this blog is to record, the second is to allow the client to get through this process, the problem floating in the water, let us more clearly know the source of each step, so that we go further and farther.

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How to configure a picture address for an extranet download on the server

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