How to configure fc6 (1)

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It took some time for fc6 to write something.

(1) display
I only installed Fedora Core 6 because I did not set the resolution to 1440*900 in my previous redflag5. Maybe the driver was not hit at the time. And the fc6 interface is pretty, so it is installed.
However, I cannot solve the 3D effect of fc6. The final implementation method is correct. I don't know why I used to drive incorrectly.
(2) Windows compatibility
1. Mount

2. failed to open FUSE: insufficient Permissions
In my blog introduction, I want to disable SELinux, set SELinux = disabled (originally selinuxtype = targeted) in the/etc/selinx/config file ), SELinux is a security function added by fedora, which seems to be a permission mechanism. (URL: /? _ C11_blogpart_blogpart = blogview & _ c = blogpart & partqs = cat % 3d % 25e8% 25ae % 25a1% 25e7% 25ae % 2597% 25e6% 259c % 25ba % 25e4% 25b8% 258e % 2 binternet) (3) yum
(4) repair Guide
ST1, start with Linux Repair Disk
St2. Press F5 to enter Linux rescue
St3. Enter root (hd0, 8) // Add boot items to the 0th partitions of 8th hard disks. I tried this 8.
St4, setup (hd0) // Add the settings to The 0th hard disks. If success is displayed, OK is displayed.
ST5, reboot
St6, exit

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