How to configure merge replication for SQL Server 2000 + SQL Server mobile edition

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In addition, the configuration of merging and copying was studied last night. The environment I need is like this. The server-side database adopts SQL Server 2000. The PPC client adopts the streamlined Database SQL Server mobile edition.
Currently, most of the database cooperation methods are SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server mobile edition. In fact, I want to adopt it like this. However, considering that the original database system uses version 2000, it is difficult for the original R & D personnel to spend time migrating data.
Originally, to streamline the database, select SQL ce 2.0. However, server tool installation prerequisites cannot be solved successfully during the installation process. (It may be related to my installation of vs2005 or sql2005. In the middle, I have no time to test the installation environment without the interference of vs2005 and sql2005 .)
To merge and copy data with mssql2000, you must install SP3 for MSSQL 2000 and Sp3 for sqlce before installing SQL Server mobile edition. Only when both patches are installed can the installation program of sqlce 3.0 detect that SQL 2000 already has a replication component.
After this step is completed, create a snapshot folder, create a release, set access permissions, security parameters, Web Synchronization Wizard configuration, and the final programming test. You can refer to this Article in msdn. Although this article is intended for Version 2005, the terms and concepts mentioned in this article can be found in SQL Server 2000. Therefore, step by step.
Note that the subscription step can be omitted. In SQL Server 2000, subscription that meets SQL ce cannot be configured. (At least I think it cannot be configured ). Test whether merging and replication can be implemented only through programming. That is, add a subscription program and implement synchronization.
During the test case program, we may encounter exceptions. Capture an exception message. If a message indicating that the snapshot message is out of date, you need to create a snapshot. This problem lies in the scheduling settings of the agent. This snapshot may not have been generated. In other words, the agent has not been scheduled. To solve this problem, modify the scheduling parameters. In order to better set Scheduling to 1 min/time;
Now, this configuration is complete. The synchronization is successful.

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