How to configure mutual access between Windows 7 users and XP users in Lan

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First, ensure that the working group and IP address of the current Windows 7 machine are set correctly, and then go to "Network and Sharing Center" & rarr; "advanced sharing settings ", set "network discovery", "network sharing", and other permission items to "allowed" or "open.

Next, open the inaccessible Windows XP machine, generate a "network neighbor" shortcut, and copy it to the current Windows 7 system (you can copy it to the desktop ). In this case, after you double-click the shortcut of Windows XP "network neighbor" in Windows 7, the current Windows 7 machine can be accessed normally.

Sharing settings for Windows 7

If you want to share data in a home LAN without any access, you need to go to the network and sharing center in the Windows 7 system. In the active network viewing area, select the network type as home, then, click Change Advanced sharing on the left of the Network and Sharing Center, select the home or work network, and configure the sharing settings in the home LAN. The specific options are as follows:

1. Enable network discovery.

2. Enable file sharing and printing

3. Disable password protection sharing (this avoids password input during mutual access ).

4. Allow connection to the home group

For folders that need to be fully shared to XP in Windows 7, right-click the folder and select share/specific users. In the input box, enter Everyone or Guest, and then click add, after being added to the list, you can change the user's permission to read/write.

XP sharing settings

To configure network sharing in Xp, you can double-click the "network neighbor" icon. In the window that appears, click "set home" or "small office network" on the left to open the network setting wizard and follow the prompts to set the network. You can right-click a shared folder and select Properties/Security to set access permissions.

Firewall software settings

If this setting does not allow mutual access, check the system firewall settings. Open control panel/Windows Firewall settings, and check network discovery, file, and printer sharing items. If you use other firewall software, such as Nod 32 ESS, you can enable advanced settings and click the Settings button in personal firewall/Rules and region to set the protection mode to allow sharing, in this way, the Windows 7 system can communicate with the XP system without any access.



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