How to configure solr + tomcat in windows 2003

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As an enterprise-level search engine server, solr provides powerful functions and excellent performance. In order to improve users' on-site search experience, we will build solr to work with us to implement professional-level search functions. Let's learn how to configure the solr environment.
1. Download related software packages

Note: The installation environment is Windows 7 64-bit, and the installed software versions are as follows.
1. (if the system has been installed, you can not install, check whether installed see the following method)
2. (32-bit, 64-bit can be)
For convenience, I shared these software to Baidu disk. Click here to download it. If you want to install another version, you can search Baidu for it.
II. Install the jdk environment

Enter "java" in the "run-> cmd command line. If" java "is not an internal or external command, or is not a executable program or a batch file prompt, it indicates that the machine does not have a java environment, and the jdk package needs to be installed.
I will not introduce the installation method. Remember to configure the environment variables after installation to take effect. Java environment variable setting method
3. Install tomcat and solr

1. create a solrfolder under D: \ phpserver(you can choose to install the folder, decompress to the new solr directory, and create the solr1 folder under solr (which will be used by the cluster in the future). Create two folders under solr1, tomcat and home (storing core and index information), as shown in the following figure.
2. Extract to the tomcat directory created in the previous step, and copy solr. war under the solr \ example \ webapps directory to the tomcat \ webapps directory, as shown in the following figure.
3. Start the tomcat server. In the cmd command line, switch to the bin directory of the tomcat installation directory and run service for the first time. run the bat install command to install the tomcat service. After the installation is successful, enter tomcat 7. Then, the service is started. The running effect is shown in the following figure. (if the installation fails, check whether the firewall or anti-virus software is blocked, or a port conflict. The default value is port 8080. At the same time, the solr directory (start service, solr. war is decompressed by tomcat ).
4. Copy all the files and folders in the D: \ phpServer \ solr \ example \ solr directory to the solr1 \ home directory created above.
5. Copy all. jar (5) under the D: \ phpServer \ solr \ example \ lib \ ext directory to the tomcat \ webapps \ solr \ WEB-INF \ lib directory.
6. create a new classes folder under tomcat \ webapps \ solr \ WEB-INF and set log4j under the D: \ phpServer \ solr \ example \ resources Directory. copy properties to the newly created classes Directory (log module file ).
7. Open the web. xml file under tomcat \ webapps \ solr \ WEB-INF, cancelToThe value in/put/your/solr/home/here is changed to your home path.D:/phpServer/solr/solr1/home, as shown in the following figure. Save the file after modification.
8. Restart tomcat and enter http: // localhost: 8080/solr in the browser. If there is no problem, you can see the solr management interface.
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