How to connect a virtual serial port with DTU

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1 Open DTU parameter Configuration tool Configtool

Select DTU Model

Select serial number, baud rate 115200 data bit 8 parity bit none, stop bit 1, control flow None

(generally as long as the choice of string slogans can be, the other according to the system by default) to determine the state of work is configured

Serial number View

Right click on "My Computer" icon Click Manage, select Device Manager, view port (COM and LPT)

Open serial port

The log prompts to open the serial port successfully please power or reconnect the device at this time we are connected to the power or (re-power)

After the power of 10 seconds to 1 minutes (different models of DTU start time is not the same) on the day the log display the following information is ready to configure.

In the quick configuration parameters We just change the main center address, the port and the alternate center address, the port (preferably the main center and the standby center are written as well)

2 Data center address is our computer to access the Internet's extranet IP, because now most of the computers are connected to the router. So the main center address is the router through the operator to get to the extranet IP, and the hub port is the router map to our computer to open the port (below with Hayter router screenshot to explain.) )

View the computer gateway, click Start Menu-"Run"

Enter Ipconfig/all and return to

View Default Gateway

Open IE Browser Enter carriage return

Enter the user name and password and enter the router interface to view the system running status. You can see the IP address of the external network (WAN port) of the router we want.

In fact, this extranet IP address we can also be with the Baidu IP view to get the following figure:

Then there is the port map. (What we're going to do is take this machine as a service, so we're going to connect DTU to the central address and map it to our computer.) That's it. DTU is connected to my router via a 3G network and then mapped to my Computer (server side) is the IP of the native computer, the internal starting port and the external starting port are the mapped ports (common settings)

3 Now back to configuring the DTU interface

After the configuration, click Save Configuration, know that the diary display save settings successfully.

Click Reboot and enter communication status

4 Open the virtual serial port software tcp2com

Click Action Menu-"Choose to increase the virtual serial port

COM port name can be entered at will, it is best not to be the same as the actual serial port of this machine can be, lest cause confusion.

Always click Next and wait until the installation is complete. (You will typically be prompted to install 2 times to find new hardware.) )

Next is to increase the channel, click-"Channel Manager", select the virtual serial port we just added, and fill in the device ID (which is the device ID we see when configuring DTU) other by default.

Again click on-"set, fill in the mapped port number, and then start the service

Serial port connection state refers to whether the virtual serial port has been created successfully, the device connection state refers to whether the DTU is connected.

Generally open the service after a few seconds to return to the connection.

You can open the serial port tool to open the virtual port you just created and communicate with the DTU Configuration tool.

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