How to connect the free WiFi of each major operator

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Tools/raw Materials

360 Free WiFi (Apple Android can)

Glory WLAN (part of the Glory mobile phone can only)


360 Free WiFi Not only connects the operator Wi-Fi, but also connects other users ' shared WiFi, which is similar to the WiFi key.

You can check out the free WiFi around you, which is quite handy.

Sign up for 100 gold coins per day, share your own or know your password, and you'll get a gold coin when someone connects you.

As for the length of the gold coins to change the ratio, but also more reliable, each month to sign in can have 3000 gold coins, you can use 2000 gold coins to exchange for a 30 hours of time. Of course, in addition to the length of time can be exchanged for other things such as flow cards, coupons, vouchers, games gift bag

If you have a glorified mobile phone, such as Glory 6, you can connect China Telecom and Chinese mobile WiFi for free, and it's still not too long, but it doesn't have to be reconnected once every one hours.

For some questions about the honor WLAN, here are the answers

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