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If you have any questions, contact me via the following E-MAIL: norains # replace # @)

But it must be noted that, because I am not a master, I cannot be sure to solve your problem. But I promise that, as long as I know, I will give a correct answer. On the other hand, due to abnormal busy work, I may not be able to reply to many emails immediately, so I can only try to make it as timely as possible. Under normal circumstances, it generally does not take more than two days.

Please do not ask me the account of the instant messaging software such as QQ or MSN. One beginner added me MSN and asked me questions every day because I was busy with work and didn't reply to his questions immediately, so he won the title of "playing big cards", "thinking how amazing he is" and so on. Therefore, my QQ or MSN is only used to contact my classmates and friends. If you have any questions, please use email. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Because I am really stupid, I really don't know anything about the functions of csdn except for blogs, so I may not be able to know about the functions such as adding friends or sending on-site text messages. Therefore, do not use this function for me. Here, I am also sorry to my friends who have added me as friends or sent me an on-site text message but have not received any response!

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