How to control Flash song playback in PowerPoint

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In PowerPoint courseware, inserting Flash animations is no longer a novelty. This is not, the English courseware, in response to the requirements of the English teacher, inserted in the Internet to find a flash English songs, and indeed for the courseware a lot of color. However, the English teacher proposed to control the English songs in the courseware, such as playing, pausing, fast forward, fast retreat and so on. Oh, this is also difficult to pour me, with Office VBA can do.

Insert Flash Movie

Click the View/Toolbar/Control Toolbox, select other controls/shockwave Flash Object, and drag a box with the mouse in the slide to resize it. In this way, we insert a control into a flash control, select the current control, in the Properties panel is set as follows: "Movie" to fill in the desired Flash movie name, "name" with the default "ShockwaveFlash1", This name is used in later VBA programming.

Insert command button

1. Make (play) button

Select command button in the Control Toolbox and drag on the slide to drag out a command button. Resize it, and in the Properties panel, type "Cmd_play" in "Name" and "Play" in Caption. Double-click the button to enter the VBA editing window and enter the following:

Private Sub Cmd_play_click ()

shockwaveflash1.playing = True

End Sub

2. Make (suspend), (forward), (back), (return), (end) button

Button-making method ibid. The Properties panel is set as follows: The pause button has a name of Cmd_pause, Caption is paused, the Forward button button has a name of Cmd_forward, Caption is forward, and the back button has a name of Cmd_ Back "," Caption "as" backward ", return button's name is" Cmd_start "," Caption "is" return ", End button's name is" Cmd_end "," Caption "is" end ".

Add VBA to each button individually, and the commands are as follows:

Private Sub Cmd_pause_click ()

shockwaveflash1.playing = False

End Sub

Private Sub Cmd_forward_click ()

Shockwaveflash1.framenum = Shockwaveflash1.framenum + 30

shockwaveflash1.playing = True

End Sub

Private Sub Cmd_back_click ()

Shockwaveflash1.framenum = shockwaveflash1.framenum-30

shockwaveflash1.playing = True

End Sub

Private Sub Cmd_start_click ()

Shockwaveflash1.framenum = 1

shockwaveflash1.playing = True

End Sub

Private Sub Cmd_end_click ()

Shockwaveflash1.framenum = Shockwaveflash1.totalframes

End Sub

Description: In (forward), (back), (back) button, followed by a play command, because in the actual application, found that if there is no playback command, Flash movie will stop playing, so this sentence is absolutely indispensable.

3. Play Slides

See if the button can control the movie. What? No response, it must be your macro security is set too high, click Tools/Macros/security, and set security level to low. Turn on PowerPoint again, OK.

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