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How remote control of a LAN is a problem for beginners, online also a lot of methods to teach LAN how remote control, but most of them are not very practical, so I offer experience, so that users to solve the real LAN how remote control problems, local area network computer remote control, can make network management or management of the work of the abnormal relaxed. The following will mainly introduce the network people LAN control and Windons remote control, the network by virtue of the strong technology and functions, simple operation and software is free to use, a few years in the domestic rapid occupation of the market, so I focus on the network of people, hope that the experience of small series can bring help to users.

1, to achieve remote control of the local area network, first in the remote computer desktop on My Computer right button, in the right menu and then point Properties, open the Properties window, and then click the Properties window in the remote, and then select the inside of the "Allow users to connect to this computer remotely," and then click OK.

2, then your computer point start-run, input mstsc after the determination of the use of VLOOKUP function to open the Remote Desktop Connection tool, input the other side of the IP can be connected to remote control of the other computer.

3. The control end and the controlled end of the installation, download and decompression software, find the "Network person remote control software flagship", "The main control program, double-click the installation." Then the "controlled" compression package to the controlled computer decompression installation.

4, Member login and set control end: In the control program, click on the "Registered user" button, register a free ID, and then use the registered ID login.

5, the controlled end: on the computer installed on the control side of the console, the desktop will appear in the bottom right corner of a controlled-end icon, double-click the icon, eject the controlled end, the same use just registered ID login.

6, the main function and operation of the control end: Click on the "online host" in the control side, you can view the computer under control.

7, the control of the end of the settings: Users can be based on their own needs, to set. For example, the need to monitor the computer and do not let the other side of the discovery of the settings, pay attention to the following: In the "Basic settings", in addition to "record controlled log", other options are best selected, and "be controlled without prompting" must choose. In the run options, you should select "Start in service" and "Auto login" to ensure that the controlled end can be started with the computer, a boot can automatically online. It is particularly important to note that the "registry mode implementation from Start" and "Start in service" Two can only choose one, we recommend that "start in service", if you select the software can not automatically start with the computer, but also try "registry mode to achieve self-boot."

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