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Now the local area network is often met the speed of good card, how it happened, the results found that someone on the local area network is watching a movie. All know watching online videos is absolutely a nuisance to eat bandwidth. If it is the home we can use the following software Peer-to-peer, if the Enterprise limited LAN speed, is aggregated network management This software, the following introduction to the next countermeasures.

Tools/raw Materials

Peer-to-peer Terminator Software

able to access computer

Routers connect a good LAN

Individual family


From Baidu website, input peer-to-peer terminator, query. You can see very accurate information. Speed is also very fast. Baidu engine super fast AH.


Click on a content from the page to go in, you can see the download address. The following figure:


The main function of Peer-to-peer is described in this way: Peer-to-peer Terminator is a network management software, used to manage the local area network BT, donkey and other large bandwidth-consuming download software, can help you better manage your local area network. It can run on the windows2000/xp/2003 operating system.


Wait 2 minutes, the net speed is fast, should download complete. Look at what icon the software is.


Double-click to install the software, this everyone is smarter than me, direct Ann Bar. Here to explain, the version of how much is not a problem. can be upgraded. Don't worry, download the low-level version. The direct default path can be.


Install good, see the desktop has a logo, a lot of laps, the whole is a P-word symbol. As shown in figure:


Opening for the first time will be problematic. Don't worry, I'll take everyone out. The Prompt box appears.


Click OK. There are 2 prompts. I am familiar with this software, so I do not watch the video, click No.


Choose the right situation for your own computer.


Select 2 buttons to control the parameters.


Here you can choose your favorite skin, patterns, and other parameters. Click to confirm after the completion is saved.


Open the control rules inside. Here are the big articles. Have control of time, type and so on. Finally click Confirm.


Time control settings, you can choose all the time, is the most direct, most convenient. You can also choose the one you like.


Click on the computer name of your local area network scan. Select one or a few or even all, directly to click on the control of the computer to select the limit just set good.


Think there's nothing left to choose from. All of them have chosen to finish. Just do it directly. Then you'll find that the Internet is getting better. Because the software is already working.

Company Unit


If it is the company network, the Peer-to-peer course is not complete this function, even if it can, it will be cumbersome to operate, the first big, then we need a company for the nature of the software to handle, in Baidu, "Network management software" software will know.


We can download the software to try, I have tried. The installation opens, the page is still good, the function is quite complete, the page is also very eye-catching button.


We first enter the name of our own computer and enter it with AAA as our nickname. Letter monitoring network segment. Then the inside is click to start management, if there are other prompts, please follow the instructions.


Next is to limit the content of the bandwidth such as limited stock software, game software, complete prohibition, this classification is very complete, great!


After the selection, you can automatically test your IP and gateway and other settings, the next step can be done.

Attention matters

The purpose of the software invention is to remind again: it is a network management software! You have to control people too slow, be careful to be attacked by others oh.

Understand this software, you must remember is to leave some moral bottom line, after all, the network is entertainment, Hello, he good, everyone good. No malicious control.

Original content screenshot, pay attention to my latest experience bar!

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