How to: control whether users are allowed to exit the workbook of excelapplication

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ProgramIf a workbook is opened for the user to operate directly, the user may close the workbook or even quit the entire excelapplicatoin. You can use the following methods to prevent this situation (this problem is not noticed by many people, so the homepage is published ):

Imports Microsoft. Office. InterOP
Public   Class Form1

PrivateGworkbookcancloseAs Boolean = False

Private   Sub Button#click ( Byval Sender As System. object, Byval E As System. eventargs) Handles
Dim Excelapplication As   New Excel. Application
Dim Workbook As Excel. Workbook = Excelapplication. workbooks. Add

Addhandler Workbook. beforeclose, Addressof Onworkbookbeforeclose

Dim Worksheet As Excel. Worksheet =   Ctype (Workbook. Sheets. Add, Excel. worksheet)
With   Ctype (Worksheet. cells ( 1 , 1 ), Excel. Range)
. Interior. colorindex =   40
. Value =   " 123 "
End   With

excelapplication. visible = true
end sub

Private SubOnworkbookbeforeclose (ByrefCancelAs Boolean)
Cancel= NotGworkbookcanclose
End sub

Private   Sub Button2_click ( Byval Sender As System. object, Byval E As System. eventargs) Handles
Gworkbookcanclose =   Not Gworkbookcanclose
End sub

End Class


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