How to convert a disk from GPT format to MBR

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How does GPT turn MBR partition? Many laptops now have GPT mode for hard disk partitions, and if you want to install XP, you can only convert GPT disks to MBR disk partitions. Next, simply talk about how to turn the GPT partition into an MBR partition!

If your computer has two hard disks, you can do GPT-to-MBR directly under the WIN7/WIN8 system, and if you have only one hard disk, you can go to WinPE for GPT disk to MBR disk (how to make a WinPE boot disk).

Note: GPT to MBR must erase all data on the hard drive! Keep your data in mind!

Under Win7/win8 System, press the shortcut key "Win+r" to eject the Run window and enter "CMD". WinPE opens a command-line prompt in a similar way.

Press the shortcut key "Ctrl+r" to eject the Run window and enter "CMD"

Enter "DiskPart" directly in the command line prompt mode!

Direct input of "DiskPart" in command line prompt mode

Enter "List disk" in DiskPart and enter "select Disk 0" (Note: It is not necessarily 0, maybe 1 or 2, judging by whether 0 is a GPT disk).

Then enter "clean" (cleans up all disk partitions).

Finally, enter "Conver MBR". Task completed, you can according to the past experience to help the xp/win7 and so on to this has been turned into MBR disk.

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How to convert a disk from GPT format to MBR

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