How to convert a single-instance ASM to cluster ASM [ID 452758.1]

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This document describes the procedures for converting from Oracle ASM 10g single-instance to Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC ).


To convert a single-instance node Using ASM to a RAC node Using ASM:

1) shut down the database instance, the ASM instance, and the listener.

Remove the CSS auto-start line from the/etc/inittab file to enable you to shut down and uninstall CSS.

2) follow the instructions in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (Oracle Database Oracle clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide <platform>) to configure each node that you want to have as a cluster member.

Http:// Selected = 3 # index-Ora

3) if any cluster member node has had previous versions of Oracle clusterware (cluster ready services or Oracle clusterware) installed, then ensure that you remove the file OCR. loc on any node that has been labeled previusly as a cluster node. the file OCR. loc is in/etc/oracle.

4) log in as the Oracle user, and run dbca in silent mode to deconfigure ASM. to run dbca in silent mode, navigate to the directory $ ORACLE_HOME/bin and use the following command syntax on the local node:


You can de-install the single-instance ASM without losing data.

5) install Oracle clusterware on all nodes you intend to have as cluster members, following the directions INS in chapter 4 (Oracle Database Oracle clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide <platform> ).

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6) install cluster ASM using dbca. at the node selection page, select all the cluster member nodes for which you intend to use ASM to manage storage. when the ASM disk groups page prompts you to select disk groups, select the existing disk groups you used with the single-instance ASM instance that you deleted in step 4.

7) start up the single-instance Oracle database.



From Oracle

Bytes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Dba1 group: 62697716 (full); dba2 group: 62697977 (full) dba3 group: 62697850 (full)

Super DBA group: 63306533 (full); dba4 group: 83829929 dba5 group: 142216823

Dba6 group: 158654907 chat group: 40132017 chat group 2: 69087192

-- Add the group to describe the relationship between Oracle tablespace and data files in the remarks section. Otherwise, the application is rejected.

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