How to convert common audio formats under Linux

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How to convert common audio formats under LinuxJune 28, 2008 15:47:00Hits: 781Often on the electric donkey download the ape image of the CD, after downloading to restore to WAV format, then split and extract their favorite songs, and then into the ape into the computer, but also transferred to MP3 into the MP4 player. Now summarize how the various formats are converted between  Linux . The most common audio formats are:    wav (no compression), Mp3/wma/ogg (lossy compression), Ape/flac (lossless compression)     lossless compression without compromising the sound quality. After compression probably half the original, mainly for the convenience of transmission and storage on the Internet. After compression can be restored to the same as the original file, as Rar/zip compressed files.     lossy compression is at the expense of the sound quality in exchange for file size, the worse the sound, the smaller the file. The average 320K bit rate of MP3 doesn't sound like an ape, unless it's listening to a special audition song, or listening with a very good headset/stereo. Tools needed for  :=================mp3  related tools: Lameogg related tools: Vorbis-toolsape related tools: Macflac related tools: Flacwav related tools: Shntoolbin/cue image segmentation: bchunk 1. mp3  and WAV convert ===========================mp3 -> wav     lame--decode < input _mp3 file > < output _wav file >wav-> mp3    lame-b < bit rate > < input _wav file > < output _ogg file >    shntool conv-o "cust Ext=mp3 lame-b < bitrate >-%f" < input _w AV file >2. Conversion between OGG and WAV ===========================ogg, wav    oggdec < output _ogg file >-o < input _wav file > WAV-OGG&NBsp;       Oggenc-b < bit rate > < input _wav file >-o < output _ogg file >3. Convert between APE and WAV ===========================ape, wav      mac < input _ape file > < output _wav file > -dwav-ape    mac < input _wav file > < output _ape file >-c < compression ratio, default = 2000> 4. Conversion between FLAC and WAV ===========================flac, wav      flac-d < input _flac file >-o < output _w AV file >wav-flac    FLAC < input _wav file > < output _flac file >-< compression ratio 1-8, default is 5>5. Split Ape/cue Mirror     i) decode to WAV format     mac Cdimage.ape cdimage.wav-d    before cutting     bchunk-w cdimage.wav cdimage.cue output    or     shnsplit-f Cdimage.cue cdimage.wav    II) can also be directly cut     shnsplit-f cdimage.cue-i ape      III) cutting and converting to other formats (Flac/mp3)     shnsplit-f cdimage.cue-i ape-o FLAC cdimage.ape     shnsplit-f cdimage.cue-i Ape/       -o "Cust Ext=mp3 lame -B-%f "Cdimage.ape6. Ape <-> FLAC convert each other     shnconv-i ape-o flac cdimage.ape    shnconv-i flac-o Ape Cdim Age.flac

How to convert between common audio formats under Linux

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