How to convert FLV to MP4 using a video format converter

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Video refers to a series of static images continuous image changes per second more than 24 frames (frame) screen above, according to the principle of visual persistence, the human eye can not identify a single static picture; Looks like a smooth, continuous visual effect. Today we are going to talk about how to convert the video format, the following will use the video converter, the small part of the recommended is a quick Video converter , see below the introduction of the Operation method.

Video Converter

Method steps

FLV is used by many new generation of video sharing sites, is currently the fastest growing, the most extensive video transmission format. was developed on the basis of the Sorenson Company's compression algorithm. The FLV format is not only easy to import into Flash, extremely fast, and can play a role in protecting copyright, and can not be played through the local Microsoft or Real Player video. Let's take the FLV format video as an example.

How do I convert FLV to MP4 format using a video format converter?

First step: First we need to open the browser on the computer, and then in Baidu Search "quick Video Converter" to enter the official website after downloading the installation of Fast Video converter.

Second step: After the video Converter is installed, we will click "Add File" to add the FLV video file that needs to convert the format to the software interface.

Step three: After the file is opened, we click "Output format" and select the MP4 file format that needs to be output. If you want to set other parameters of the video file full class Click on the "Custom" option, then set the audio and video encoding, bitrate, resolution and other parameters.

Fourth Step: Finally we click "Start Conversion" on it, and then just wait patiently waiting for the video file format conversion to complete.

So we just have to wait patiently. Video file format conversion time, our video file format conversion is good, fast video converter is not very easy to use it!

Video Format Converter

How to convert FLV to MP4 using a video format converter

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