How to convert PDF into Word tutorial

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PDF to Word there are generally 2 conversion methods, the first of which is to use the Microsoft Office Document Imaging component in Office 2003 to implement a PDF-to-Word document, that is, to use Word to complete the task. However, this conversion to the PDF to Doc recognition rate is not particularly perfect, the conversion will be lost in the original typesetting format, so after the conversion also need to manually typesetting and proofreading work. So I recommend the second method is to use third-party software to achieve the conversion. But generally encrypted PDF file is not convertible, so you can convert before you want to confirm that the file is encrypted, only after removing the permissions can be converted.
But also some people will feel that download software is troublesome, today I recommend to you a no need to download the online converter, everyone just login can, although is online conversion, but this online converter support Word,excel, Conversion between PPT and PDF Oh, of course, if you want to experience more perfect features, you can choose to download the full version of the software Oh. Take the most familiar PDF to Word as an example to introduce you to the specific process of online conversion.

After landing to the site, the top of the site has 4 modes can choose, we choose PDF to Word, and then select the PDF file you need to convert your computer, the page will prompt the upload success, and then click "Generate Word Document", a few seconds after the "Download Wrod document" indicates that the document has been converted to complete, Users click on the download can be, download the attention to select the next path, or you may not find the converted word. Several other modes of operation are and PDF to Word almost PDF converted to Word converter Oh, so this side does not talk about it.

PC version: PDF converted to Word converter

How to convert PDF into Word tutorial

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