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When using WPS Mobile version to make data report, it often involves date input, such as product sales date, profit accounting date and cost statistic date. To achieve fast input, a MO is accustomed to a simple input 20130408, today Mo teaches everybody two ways to convert to 2013/04/08.

A MO uses WPS Mobile Edition to produce a product sales table (as shown in the picture), to remind you that if you simply convert numbers to dates, simply select the cells in the C column area under the sales date, and then slide to the left of the Function menu area above the WPS Mobile version until cell formatting appears.

Hand pointing under the cell format icon, select Date from the Category Drop-down menu in the number interface, and then select a standard date format in date format, such as March 14, 2001 or 2001/3/14. When you choose, click OK.

It is worth mentioning that you can also convert numbers to date formats through functions. In the WPS mobile version, a combination of the date function and the mid function is implemented.

The following figure for example, the sales table, first into the WPS Mobile function list, select the Date function, and then apply the three mid function respectively. Where the date function is formatted as "=date (A,b,c)", which represents the conversion of a numeric value to a date display, the example function formula is "=date (mid c2,1,4), Mid (c2,5,2), Mid (c2,7,2)", where Mid (c2,1,4) Represents the 1th character from the C2 cell string, which takes a total of 4 characters, that is, "2013", the next two mid function, and so on, and then the WPS Mobile version of the D2 the 2013/3/1 standard date of the cell.

Switch to the edit area in the WPS Mobile version, click the Fill icon, select Drag fill, and after the drag virtual arrow appears, drag down to the last cell, where the corresponding standard date is displayed in all cells. In addition, MO also found that when modifying any one of the sales dates, the standard date will also change.

Overall comments: In the data tables, the conversion of individual values to date year is a very tedious thing, but with the WPS Mobile version of the date function and mid function, you can convert the number to date, can greatly improve the efficiency of the office. If you are dealing with a variety of data forms, suggest a look at this article in a Mo tutorial, which is very useful to you Oh!

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